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My name is Patience Davis. I am 18 years old and love to write. I am a senior in high school, and once i graduate i want to go on to college to be a nurse. I love life... wouldn't trade mine for the world. I love to give advice and help people out with their problems, in whatever way i can. However, like most people, i give great advice, but can not take my own... I love meeting new people, so feel free to message me....
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With you there's always a smile on my face.
In your arms, I never feel out of place.
You're the one I call when life throws me a curveball.
When I start to stumble, you catch me before I fall.
You've always been the one to cheer me up,
Even in times when I thought I've had enough.
Thoughts of you always brighten my day.
Even when my whole world is in dismay.
I wish I could lay in your arms and never leave.
I want to spend forever with you just holding me.
You have no idea how scared I was to be with you.
Now that we're together I realized that I need you.
You make me feel special and loved once again.
I not only have a love, I have a good friend.
When you're around me, I'm constantly happy.
I'm comfortable around you, I can just be me.
You brought back my confidence in the blink of an eye.
I do not believe that you'll ever make me cry.
I wish I could show you just what you do,
Because, Baby, you make me fall in love with you.

Lost in the moment, lost in the past;
She's forgotten all she has to give.
Yearning for someone, something to last;
This girl only wishes to finally live.
Young and in love, happier than most;
They tell her the odds are against them.
Fighting to stay strong, believeing at all cost;
This girl will forever strive to keep him.
She lost her way, he's brought her back;
He cared when her world crashed blindly.
He keeps her in line, keeps her on track;
He's given her back her pride and beauty.
She lost her wings, forgot how to sing;
He doesn't know, but he makes her fly.
He taught her that love is a tricky thing;
But love is worth while and thy'll always try.
Forgetting the moment, forgetting the past;
She glances toward the deep blue sky.
Yearning for this someone's love to last;
He's given her back her witngs to fly.

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It's amazing how you waltzed into my life right when i needed you to;
I can't believe that we connect so well, I know what I need to do.
Life is crazy when its curveballs are randomly thrown;
How can someone I just met feel like someone I've always known?
You're different than any guy in my life, and you've grown on me fast;
The only thing left for me to do is to let go of my past.
When you look at me, your pretty blue eyes see who I really am;
I don't have to hide from you, i can finally reach out my hand.
I could set and talk to you about anything for a long while;
And somehow... you already know how to make me smile...

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How could i have thought that life would be easier without you?
How could i have given thought to giving up after all we've been through?
I sometimes wonder if true love is what we really posses,
And this last week has proven that i get your best.
Just when i was on the brink of letting go,
You proved your faith by letting your true feelings show.
I love you more than anything in my life, anything in the world,
I'm so happy that i'm gonna be your wife, that i'm your only girl.
It's hard not to doubt the faithfulness of someone who isn't home,
But you make me believe and make me stay strong.
Now i wait for you to come back to me, strong sailor;
I'll look in your eyes, and reassure you of forever.
You lit up my week with the tulips you sent,
Tears filled my eyes when i recieved their scent.
You love me, i know, as much as i do you;
I keep you in everything that i do.
I miss you more each day you're not here;
I miss your touch and it's the loss of you i fear.
I refuse to ever, ever let you go,
So you're stuck with me, just to let you know...

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I sit alone every night, staring out my window, wondering if he's out there somewhere, thousands of miles away, thinking about me... :-/


If i'm so perfect and mean the world to you, then why won't you treat me like the woman you want to marry instead of another passing girlfriend?

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I love the smell of rain in the fall;
And i love that you're here when you're not around at all.
I love the way the wind rustles the trees;
Like the feeling i get when you warm me in the breeze.
I love the way i go weak in the knees.
I love the sound of your voice in times of distress;
It calms me down when i'm feeling my best.
I love it the most, everytime you hold me close;
It's as if nothing else can touch me
When you make me go weak in the knees.
The way you care with your whole heart,
Made me love you from the start.
Without realizing that you're the tease,
You make me beg and make me plead;
And everytime you make me go weak in the knees.
Sometimes i'm scared on the brightest night,
No matter where you are, you take away my fright.
You hold me close and close your eyes,
You wipe away every tear i cry.
Then, I begin to go weak in the knees.
I;m nothing but smiles when you come around,
And the thought of you takes away my frown.
I say, "I love you" right before i fall asleep;
Even though you're not here, I know you hear me weep;
But i still go wiak in the knees.
Even when bad times are at their peak;
When i'm confused by the world around me...
Thoughts of you always make me weak, so weak in the knees.

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The first time I saw you, Something told me this would be.
The first time we talked, I found it was okay to be me.
The first time you called me, I was so nervous to open up.
The first time you touched me, It made my body jump.
The first time you kissed me, I felt the tingle to my toes.
The first time you held me, No longer did love feel so cold.
The first time you said you love me, Your words felt so true.
The first person I completely trust, The first guy is you.
This is the first time I realized, That life is worth the pain.
I guess all the firsts we go through Are part of life's game.
This is also the firt time I noticed Life isn't always filled with dreams;
Life in more than fantasy, It's now reality of you and me.


You're my basket to catch me when I fall;
You're my base that helps me stand tall.
You're the one I can turn to in hard times;
You're the one I count on to inspire my rhymes.
You're the person who can dry my tears;
You're the only one who can take away my fears.
You're the one I love more than anything or anyone;
You're my everything, my only one.
You're the one I nove now and evermore;
You're the one who makes my spirit soar.
You're the person who brings a smile to my face;
You're the one who helped my find my place.
You're my best friend, who knows me well;
You're the one who pulled me out of hell.
You're my everything... every little piece;
You're the one that caused the pain to cease.

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I long for your arms to hold me;
For your lips to press against mine.
I want to be your one and only;
to be only yours for all of time.
You're the person who fills me completely;
The one who understands my heart.
You're the half that makes me whole and happy;
I finally found my missing part.
You've made me want to be more;
More than just another passing life.
Youn found my heart and healed its core;
Now I only want to be your wife.
You m ade me believe what I had long forgot;
When all I wanted was for love to be long gone.
In the beginning, it was not sought;
Love was not seen by anyone.
The future held many surprises for us;
The feelings were so unexpected.
We've built our relationship with trust;
And I've never, with anyone, felt so connected.

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I’ve known you for quite some time now,

Since we were toddlers I believe.

It’s been awhile sine we talked now,

But I’m so glad you found your way back to me.

I’ve had feelings for you since I was a little girl.

We’d run around the neighborhood playing chase.

Back then, we sat at the top of the world,

No complicated decisions to ruin our games.

Now that we’ve grown, I thought you should know,

My feelings towards you never died.

I want now, these feelings to show.

It’s obvious you feel the same, you can’t hide.

It’s crazy how fast time flew;

Crazier still to reunite once again.

Yet crazier that I never forgot about you,

I’ve always loved you as more than a friend.

As time goes by, these feelings will show.

For now, let’s take our time.

Walk with me down this interesting road.

Slowly, life will surely unwind.


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I was dating this guy recently and ppl decided to tell him i was cheating on him, which i wasn't.
In the end we broke up and everything fell apart. However, tho he's gone i got back in touch with a very old friend of mine and his sister.
He's sooo freaking hott!!! And I'm totally into him, i always have been.
Here's the dillema. I know he likes me and i really like him. but my ex boyfriend meant the world to me.
Do i try to undo the mess some stupid drama queen made, or move on and see what life holds with my old friend?
For once... I'm totally lost.

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