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my name is robyne
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look robyne i know how you feel about this but baby you need to forget about what happend in the past dealing with your phone calls. But please dont make me pay for others actions!!!

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when we were alone you said you loved me.
and then you huged me you put my head on your chest i could hear ur harte go boom boom boom
and you said i will never let you go and even if you dont want me any more i will never stop loveing you and
i know you feel the same way cuz if you did'nt we would'nt be here and i said i do feel the same way and i will never let you
let go of me cuz your all i need 4 days later we got in a fight and i walk out the door he ran after me he got on his kness and he said i told you
i would never let you go and the next month i get a phone call and was in a car crash and they said he would'nt make it and i got there and i said
no i'm not goignt to let you go and the line for his hart went  --------------- i cryed as i cryed he can back and the first thing he said was i told you i was
never going to let you go and 2 weeks later he asked me to marrie him i said yes and 4 months from then we got married

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i'v been hurt so many times im scared to try.
i'v been though ever thing you would have thought and idk what i should do any more
i try and try and i think im done and im so confused and idk what to do any more. it hurts to see
other cupules to gether and me wanting that it just not fair at all and i'm not asking for a lot just a few things?

i'm just so comfused!!!

im sorry...for what you ask!
for ever thing for ever thing i'v said and done.
and i know your sorry to cuz if i take all the pain you made me have
your a awsome and i really do love you ever though no one wanted us to be to gether it did'nt mater!
it only mattered on what i said!
I LOVE YOU! and im not sorry for that!

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