so i am holding on to some One that is already taken
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I sit here as i watch the tv
all i can say is
Plese Watch over her
Watch over this your creation
Full of joy and life.
Please don't forget my name
I always think and pray for you.

All i wanted this night
is to know that you are ok
and safe. good night


Hay recuerdos que llenan los ojos de lagrimas y otros el corazon de risas, estos ultimos conservalos para seguir sonrriendo.

There are memories that bring your hearts and others fill your heart with Joy, Treasure the last ones to keep smiling.


The only reason i come
is to c if you are fine
to check on your smile
i pray for you every day
i write this for you
to let you know we are ok
I thank God for blessing me
for fiends like you.
*this is for you Chula and for you morninglight, i come often to check you guys and thank you for leting me b part of your lives, and sharing a bit of your experiences* to the rest of my friends i wish you all the best. Chao chao

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Me amarre a tu cintura, y aunque hable la genteNo te cambio por nada / I tide myself to your hips, and If the people talk I won't change u for  nothing 


The beaty of a woman is not in the clothes she wears, the figure that she carries, Or the way she combs her hair.The beauty of a woman must be seen in her eyes,Because that is the doorway to her heart, the place where love resides.

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She was wearing her blue jaket A holey pair of jeansShe was looking great on those sunglassesShe's looks great in anythingShe's my piece of chocolateShe's a warm conversationThat I wouldn't miss for nothingShe's a fighter when she's madAnd she's a lover when she's lovingShe's that wooden rocking chairI want rocking right beside me.She's that wooden rocking chairI want rocking right beside meEveryday that passesAnd she's everything I ever wantedAnd everything I needI talk about her, I go on and on and onCause she's everything to meShe's the giver I wish I could beAnd the stealer of the coversShe's a picture in my walletand my unborn children's motherShe's the hand that I'm holdingWhen I'm on my knees and prayingShe's the answer to my prayerAnd she's the song that I'm playingShe's the voice I love to hearSomeday when I'm ninetyEveryday that passesI only love her moreYeah, she's the oneThat I'd lay down my own life for Ps This will be a different valentine's day... To my amazing girl...

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Everyone for not coming over often but this people stoping $#!t on this site is what got me away. I come from time to time I miss u all nbi hope everyone is doing well here at lovelandia. Best regards me :)


This today!God doesn't care who you think you are or who you make others think you are. He doesn't care who your parents are. At the end of the day, its not about what you've done. Its about what He did. Its about your relationship with him. Its not about a perfect show, after all, He knows our hearts.


Some people feel like they don't deserve love, they walk away quietly into empty spaces trying to close the gaps of the past.


if today you celebrate Christmas..
if doday you r close to some 1 you love
if doday you were waiting on a gift and never made it
i just wanted to take a monent and WISH YOU

Ps now if you don't celebrate christmas..
i just want to let u know that i am thinking about you and
i wish you luck.. and best wishes go to you as well..



Greeting cards have all been sent The Christmas rush is through But I still have one wish to make A special one for you Merry Christmas darling We're apart that's true But I can dream and in my dreams I'm Christmas-ing with you Holidays are joyful There's always something new But every day's a holiday When I'm near to you The lights on my tree I wish you could see I wish it every day Logs on the fire Fill me with desire To see you and to say.. That I wish you Merry Christmas Happy New Year, too  

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se las palabras pero no puedo expresarlas a ti..y escondo el dolor que con el timepo he ganado por ti... y me come vivo lo que cargo con migolo que cargo conmigo no es facil de ocultar y aqui estoy sin nada nada por por que vivirsolo tu....no es facil ocultar el dolor interiorque cargare conmigo mientras siga vivoal mirar mi rosto no te parece feo a ti?por que no puedo borrar.. las sicatrises que herede por time enferma este lugar y el sabor de tu cuerpopor que por ti no puedo demostrar lo que soyy aca estoy sin nada nada por que vivir solo tu..

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