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im white im 5 11 and im very athletic i love to fight but very romantic and smart i finaly found someone to share my words with ive published 3 poems and im going to become a writer i found a nice romatic girl that loves her sweet taking freak in the beds guy i love baby girl ALEXIS
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shes beautiful, smart ,funny,sexy everything any man could ask for in a woman
shes the most spontainous woman ive ever met in my life
weve only known eachother for a very short time but it feels like i can tell her anything in the world
the first time we talked i got this deep feeling that she was the one
ive never felt this strong for someone so short of time its amazing shes amazing she is my world
ive been hurt so bad for falling like this but i get the feeling that she would never do that its something that
finally got me to relize that kayla wasnt the one i couldnt live without she was


wake me up


wake me up i am dreaming
my heart is broken i am bleeding
my heart is cracked so watch the blood
it runs through me like a flood

curse this life and all that oppose
the one i love and no one knows
will this be the end of me
or will you wake me and set me free

i pray to god to take my soul
i do not know which way ill go
ive done things wrong and ive done right
please wake me use all your might

im awake my eyes are open
my life has changed i am hoping
you saved my life i owe you mine
ill save yours atleast one time


what to do when my heart burns like this
when all I want is one touch one kiss
to hold your hand or kiss your lips
run your fingers through my hair as I hold your hips

to look into your eyes and dream of what could be
get lost in the thought of you with me
all I've ever wanted was that one touch one kiss
I want it so badly I would die for this

with one touch my heart you own
with every touch you make me moan
your touch is my only one desire
at with one touch my hearts on fire

all I want is this one touch one kiss
the one touch that would end all of this
   will you grant me this one wish
i want your touch and the one kiss



never will you feel my pain
never can i say her name
everyday i live this lie
i put on a smile when i want to cry

i cant take the tears as they run down my face
never can my heart escape
the cold barrle sends shivers down my spine
the room goes dark and silent like a mime

the flash goes off only seconds to spare
to end this pain i could not bare
the world goes dark and cold as ice
 its all over you dont live twice 

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