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**dreamz i see you in..were they trying to give me a peek at the future??? Poems are the only way for me to express myself wit out crying or yelling and i love to sing***I love to sit in my room and jus sing to my self cuz i can think things over...I ask myself y do we die to live if we live to die?? But i not goin to let that bother me the sky is the limit and that meanz there iz not limit<3 Im only promised today so im goin to live it***
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im the gurl who fell for ppl way to early an now i can see that i wasnt thinking until now where ppl see that theyy havee to show me how muchh yu caree an lovee me before i fall for yu. if i culd rite a book iit wuldd havee blank pages becuz at sumtimes i didnt kno wahh to think,feel,or say. lovee iisnt a gamee yu can play over an over agin an neithe ris lyfee playy iit the rite way cuz baybee ii do lovee yu. iif ii told yu kno that ii love yu wuldd yu run away? sometimes ii want to run away far enough for yu to chase me an hold me an promisee to not to lett go this timee! iits jus a werid feeling ii havee but now yu kno iim jus not yur averge gur<3 lovee ii slovee an baybee ii lovee yu so much an ii promisee no matter what.

Wat am i suppose to thinkk or feel?
tears runingg down my race lyk a race to the end of time miss an thinkkinqq about him an if he is thinkkinqq about me!
Is he thinkkinqq about me. i love the way he wuldd hold me when i was kold or kiss me when i need a kiss ot make me feel oh so better where is that boy i was with? bcuz yu sure are not him you changed in a way i was hopinqq yu wuldnt.
No more hugs jus arguee no more kisses jus hang ups no more i love yus jus f*** yu's

 ii want mii old lovee bakk the one who always held on to me dnt forgett yu neva kno wat yu havee until itz gonee so baby im tellinq yu cherish me♥


So there was this gurl who loved this boy oh so much but didnt thinkk he kno so to show him she toldd him everydayy i lovee you so muchh your the world to me an i wuld die for you. the boy always said it bak of course an she did believe him but then one day he,he,he said baby i love you so much will you marry me?
The tears ran down her cheekz as if it was a race an said yes,yes i will marr you.Now she knows he loves her oh so muchh like she loves him! After they told their friends they were the perfect love birds but she always remmeber nobody is perfect so there will b bumps int he road that they will go over together♥
As she sits here an types this story based of herslef tears run down an she has a smile on her face but she isnt happy so why is there a smile?
She smileinq because she has the rest of her life with him to See why she is smileinq rite now...Shes in love jus lyk i cinderella story

She loves him an he loves her oh so muchh♥♥♥♥

That gurl i thought i lost iis finally back from the dark,tears have been wiped away an the
sun hass came outt.
Finally ppl are starting to understand she doesnt have to b your friend or like your man.
She iis different form the rest iif u dnt undastand them sumthing
iisnt wrong wit her iits wit u?
She iis finally growinhg yup with thee help from God she will
be jus lyk her mother.
She iis not afarid to sayy yes iim gayy. she iis done with ppl judgeing her an her
friends..in thee end the onlii ppl who matter are god an her family,friends
cum an go but family iis for eva dnt for gett.
She iis goin to listen to the voice within
not afarid off watt mite happen but she
iis readyy to face the wordl wit her
heart an family an
most importantly God beside her
She's Ready!

You are different form the otherz in so many ways...i love it itz so crazzy♥♥yea i guess mii parents say im a kid but it doesnt matter to me cuz watz god wants to happen will happen no matter who gets in the way of how i feel***This one i will not let go an love u forever{this iz love}OmG i think im in....i think i found .....im not lettin u go u are so sweet an caring i love u so much when ur around me u are so romantic an loving i get butterflies an when i want to cry i have u...im not lettin go of u♥

Mii lil man will do wat he wantz..but he will grow up a man an stay that way he will follow ina good personz foot stepz...hes goin to try the best he can to b mii lil man i love mii lil bro hes soo cute an cool i love mii lil man an always will ill b there 4 u no matter wat i promise mii lil man♥

Where is the love they share a father an daughter ...i need wat they share***where is poppii??? i cry these tearz cuz i miss him soooo i pray to u....

I want a love story where boy meets girl and looks in mii eyez...Am i that person that will get to have a love story but i dont want a regular love story...I want MY love story that i fall in love in a way that no one could ever fall in love***Unless my love story already happened lyk i need some to let me know cuz i need to know...I dont want another love story i want to make history<3 Should i jus give up love and looking or is the person im wit my love story?? Cuz if they are then i will love them 4 ever no matter wat...


 I dont know wat to feel rite now...I cant describe how we fell in love  but i know it felt rite that wat i think when i standing next to you...my heart doesnt know why i feel blue itz written on my face<3
I cant tell u how i feel cuz i dont know wat i feel inside...WAt do i feel?? Im so unperfect but u still love me and u love me rite that wat i think about when i stand next to u...I pray dat my heart will always love(promise)
I dont know wat im feeling rite now but i know it involes u alot**
I know therez sumthin that im feeling sumthin i jus dont know wat it is...
My heart skipz a beat itz so amazing how i feel wat i feel but cant tell u!!! When will i know how will i know wat im feelin if i dont know how i feel?? 

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That day i will never Forget how much u said u loved me and u would always be there
No i wonder were u jus tellin me that to get in my head or did u really mean it?
I think im in love but im not sure i pray wat i feel isnt a game cuz i would be heart broken im jus hopin u feel the same way cuz wat i feel is real and truthful ur an angel sent from above an damn i think im in love i love you an thatz all u need to know but that day....i will never forget that u said im sorry for wat i did be 4 an i wont do it again(promise)
That day is a day i will always remember<3
That day


why should my heart be lonley if love is a day away when i love u with all heart and u love me too...I pray for the love and i know i will stay lyk this ou rlove is so string to me and i know u love me too i pray because i love you i pray because i care i know we will make it thourgh i know u love me too and i know we were i know we were i know we were meant to be i pray because i need you i pray becasue i know our love  is jus a pray away and i know u love me too..AND i know you love me too i know  you love me too i knowwww my prays will come true<3


Wit out u i will let the rain take me away...i need u to help me live my life<3 i thought i lost u but u pinched me and it wasn't a dream i was so happy..finally i can love u wit out being woken up by some 1 im goin to let the rain fall as long as i can be wit u!!!

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