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Well, to start off with, my name is Breana. I am 17 years old as of April, 21st. I am a junior at Whitnall High School. My parents have been divorced since i was born in 1992. So because of that i lived withmy grandparents for 15 years. Then moved back with my dad. I miss the way i would wake up in the mornig and my grandma was always waiting there for a hug and an "i love you". That is one thing that i miss in my life. It was so hard to move. I left my friends, school, church, and family. I see my mom the 3rd weekend in each month. I have a sister, brother-in-law, neice, and nephew. They are my seriously my life. I work at Mc donalds. If you wanna know more just ask ;p
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Your the only one I want in my life.
Anything you want I will do,
and it's true
Just hush, and you could have a piece of my love
I would like for you to hold me in your arms
I would like for you to love me
Your warm touch makes my day
And I realize I’m the one that belongs to you
Our feelings for each other are strong
When you hold me in your arms please don't let go
Because i want you to know that.......

I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!

I havent met you
but you make me feel special.
You say you love me
is it really true?
I hope your the one
cuz i really want us to last.
When we talk on the phone
i cant stop smiling.
Your the cutest thing i have ever seen.
I don't know explian how i feel.
All i can say is,


Joey and Breana

Justin Meyer
His smile
His laugh
His eyes
He died tragicaly
On 10.20.2008
He is greatly missed
He was a classmate
He was a student
He was a big brother
He was a friend
He was a son/grandson
Now all we have are his memiores
We miss you and love you so much Justin!!!


When I seee you standing there
I feel like I have something to say
But I dont
I want to tell you whats on my mind
But i cant
You have a girlfriend
Sometimes i wish that that girl was me 
I thought you knew I liked you
when i asked you to homecoming
I guess i didnt make it clear enough
When I see you with that girl
I makes me think
what if i was that girl.
Everyone tells me
 to forget about you
I just cant 
you're on my mind all day long.

P.S. this i wrote for a friend who i thought i like but know i know hes just an ass.

ok well i have a boyfriend that i really care about. and one day randomly my ex shows up and wants to "hang" . i think he wants to be more than friends.


I met this guy
At first he hated me
But when he got to know me
We started to talk
He asked me if I like him
And I said yes
So I also asked him
He said I was cute
He didn't know if he liked me
He told me he would have to kiss me 1st
I said "ok" he told me to not to tell anyone
But i told my friends
On eof them told him
But he denied everything
Now he won't even talk to me
This is bull, your a fucking player
I hate players
Everyone told he hes not the one
I thought he was
We never talk anymore
I'm over him
He's an ass
He calls me a Bitch
He not worth my time
I have finally moved on.









plz read this and tell me what you think!!

Now that I know who you really are
I hate you so much
everything you did to me
I thought you were different
different than all the other guys
but i guess i was wrong
so wrong i should have never given yu my heart
all you did was break it all nothing was left
nothing all of my trust for you
hope we would survive
my love for you
ans everything good i ever thought about you
you said you loved me
it was a lie everything you said was a lie
i will never be able to believe another guy
You did this to me.
I am so hurt, im not even me anymore.

By: xhotxpinkxchickx

I thought it was true love,
But apparently I was wrong.
When I first met you,
I felt the vibe right away.
When we first started dating,
We always would hang out.
But then things started changing,
You didn't come to pick me up anymore.
Not to mention,
You never returned my phone calls.
I'm sick of playing these lil' games,
It's time I let you know.
I can't go on like this,
Knowing you don't feel the same way as I.
Now I got to forget,
And let you go.

For: me
By: Tippi123

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