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Hi! I'm Lindsay Laird. I want to be a famous writer one day, and I hope you like to read my stuff as much as I like to write it.
My boyfriend is: Kevin, and I love him VERY much.
My best friend is: Cassie, and I wouldn't trade her for anything in the world.

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Hey y'all.
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I had a best friend for two years...and then, one day, we weren't friends anymore.
I can't tell you how many nights I cried myself to sleep over losing her.

I had a dream about you.
I dreamed that you were talking to me
and that we were laughing together.
I dreamed that you told me secrets.
Secrets that you could only tell me.

Last night I woke up crying.
Crying because I know that's what we used to have.
It's what I wish we still were.
And what I know we'll never be again.

This morning, I realized something.
I realized it was just a dream.
I realized that it's been a few months now,
and I'm finally getting over you.
I'm finally getting over crying so much.

I hope that your life turns out exactly how you want it to be.
I hope you're happy.
Happy without me.
But most of all,
I hope you'll miss me one day as much as I missed you.
-Lindsay Laird ©

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Okay, so right now, I have a boyfriend (Kevin). Next month is our 2-year anniversary. I'm pretty excited about it.

Written November 11, 2007:

Does your heart skip a beat
When you approach me?
Do you feel weakness,
Weakness in your knees?

Do I ever cross your mind
When you're alone?
I know what you're feeling;
I know by your tone.

Are you going to keep me forever,
And truly love me that long?
When I look into your eyes,
I know this is not wrong.

I love you for you;
You love me for me.
I'll love you 'always and forever.'
For to my heart, you have found the key.


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My Junior year started, and I had a new crush. He was my ex-boyfriend (Danny's) best friend.
His name was Daniel.
Yeah I know. I just love to mix it up a little bit :D
So, I was madly in love with him, and we had History class together.
But...he was way too distant, and never showed any signs of liking me.

Written October 31, 2005:

Oh my sweet,
What has become of me?
All of these thoughts
And wishful thinking.

Day after day,
I watch you.
Laugh at your jokes,
Just so you'll ignore me.

Oh, what's this?
You pass me anote!
My mind racing,
My stomach filling with butterflies.

What does it say?
Do you like me too?
My fingers tremble
As I open it.

It bores the words:
"Can I borrow a pencil?"



During school, I always had my journal. I was the nerd who brought it into class with me, and scribbled the daily events down in it underneath my desk.
I got caught a few times. But that never stopped me.

I wrote this in my Algebra 2 class on August 23, 2005:

If you only knew how I felt
If you only knew where you stand.
It would change everything.
It would change us.
I wish that I could turn back time.
I wish you could see me cry at night.
I miss you.
And not sure what to do.
I really did love you,
And maybe still do.
Oh no, look at me,
Spilling, telling, informing.
There's no turning back now.
...If you only knew.


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This poem is definitely about Kyle.
Man, I was pathetically in love with him. Even after we broke up. Huh.

Written Wednesday, August 10, 2005:

As my mind drifts,
I think about him.
But when do I not?
Thoughts fill my mind,
And I realize,
That my mind has left this earth.

It's been two years, maybe more, since you left.
I lost count of the months, days, hours, and seconds.
I gave up all hope.

Now I look at my reflection.
Some days it's unclear to me who I am without you,
Or what I want to be.
Some days it's very clear
That I don't want you with me.

I keep searching for somebody
To replace you.
But none have come,
And they never will.



This poem started out to be about Kyle...but by the end of the poem, I don't know who it's for.

Written Wednesday, August 10, 2005:

Another summer
Has come and gone.
Things will never be the same
From now on.
This summer has changed me
Like nothing else ever has before.
Somebody new came into my life,
And by the end of July, my heart was sore.
Sore from loving, sore from hating.
Sore from hoping, and never lasting.
I lay down and cry on my bed,
Looking at the clock,
And watching as the time is passing...
Things seem to be moving
A lot slower these days.
It's almost as if
I'm simply walking 'round in a haze.
I can't shake the feeling
That I am lost.
I can't forget the feeling
That I am hurt...
But I know one thing for sure,
I will never forget this summer.



Through the beginning of my Junior year, I still was hopelessly in love with Jon. I had lost Kyle, the love of my life. I had lost Danny. I had lost a reason for living...I only kept holding on to Jon because I wanted to badly for him to give me the time of day. Plus, he was cute. Smile

Written Friday, August 5, 2005:

How did you know
That one day I would fall
For somebody like you?

How did you know
That I would fall in love,
And hate you, too?

Perhaps I came on too strongly,
Perhaps not enough.
Perhaps you just didn't like me.
Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps.

When did you realize
That our love was no longer true?
I look at myself in the mirror,
And wonder why I still miss you.

How did you know
That I would fall in love?
Perhaps I came on too strongly.
Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps.


So I had this boyfriend all through 8th grade (Kyle). We broke up for good at the beginning of 9th grade, and he moved away.
I missed him terribly, and couldn't stop thinking about what could've been.

I wrote this July 28, 2005:

When you said you loved me,
Is that what you really meant to say?
Or were you just saying that
To make me go away?

Everything that happened between us,
Everything that was said.
I really thought that one day,
We would wed.

I finally realized, though,
That you were only joking.
That's how, through all that time,
You didn't realize that my heart was breaking.

I loved you so much...
But then again, I hated you.
Then, you packed up your things...and left.
And that was my cue
To forget.

Forget about the good times...
Forget about the worst.
But I'll never forget,
You were a lot of my firsts.
My first love,
My first kiss,
But there's one thing
That I will always miss:
The way you looked at me,
Showed me that you loved me,
And that it wasn't a joke.

When you left,
I thought my whole life was over.
But I guess I never realized
How very special you were
...Until you were gone...

Nowadays, I find myself
Laying awake
In the early hours of the morning.
My mind settled on you,
And my heart still breaking...



For my dad's 42nd birthday, I wrote him a poem.

Written July 22, 2005 at 7:50pm:

I'd like to make a toast
To The World's Greatest Father.
Is there a greater one?
I wouldn't even bother.

You've always stood by me,
And forgave me when I made a mistake.
You've always let me skip school,
Even when you knew it was a fake.

You're always trying to help me
And come up with some good advice.
Even though you never understand,
You always try to be nice.

I love you
Forever and always.
I now realize, since I'm older,
You're getting closer to my heart
With each passing day.

So here's to you
On your birthday.
Let's raise our glasses
And drink away...


Okay so I wrote two versions of the same poem.

Written July 5, 2005 at 4:05pm:

Love is a simple word
That can mean very many things.
It can leave you crying,
Or you can feel as if you could grow wings.

You can love your friends, pets, and parents.
You can love a movie, book, or a sentimental toy.
But it gets especially complicated
When you start to love a boy.

But how do you know
When it is really love?
It's more than someone
That you can stare in awe of.

But sometimes,
That doesn't really matter
When you hear your heart
Go pitter-patter.

You're in love,
And you know it's true.
That's why nothing else in the world
Could matter this much to you.



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