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Heyaaa! How are you going today? I'm Andrew, I've simply joined this site to put what I've written on and possibly hear back what people think, what I can do to improve. I'm aiming for 40 posts on here then I'm off, almost half way there! Sugoi!!
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o beautiful wonder, bliss to all my senses
a wonderful melody your voice can weave
able to soothe and calm mighty storms
or invoke passion in the coldest of hearts
your wonderous odour is intoxicating
charming all around you with its delight
like wild honey you attract many
you are water to these thirsty eyes
they drink up all you have to offer
gratful for every precious moment
your curves alluring and tempting
smooth and silky skin, warm to the touch
longing to be in your embrace delicate angel
o ripe fruit, so sweet to taste, to enjoy
wanting to sink my fangs in to your flesh
lust driving this hunger for you my love

I wrote this for the girl I have a crush on last year... =D I've still got a crush on her and I've found out she likes me, so yahooooo

Part 1: The Abuse

I open my eyes, waking from another nightmare
To find myself in another horrid dream
Drugs coursing through my veins, escape my only care
Yet even in this world I can only scream
Unable to flee from this torturing pain
My fragile mind breaking, crumbling down
Being driven slowly mad and insane
Mouth a gape, yet out comes no sound
This drug becoming my life, my key to bliss

The needles, just a sweet venomous kiss

Being consumed, inwards by my consuming lust

Thirsting for the fleeing freedom of this drug

Trapped in my mind, even myself I do not trust

Wrapped in these illusions, a suffocating hug

Yet still I cannot escape, I cannot run from drug's allure

They have possessed me, shackled, chained my soul

In my mind I surrended, given up on finding the cure

For I am now nothing but a slave, a fool, burnt up coal

Part 2: The end

I am so tired, these nights and days wear on me

My mind is so clouded, I cannot see any more

I know it is this drug, I know I must flee

Desperation and fear flood in me, to my core

Wanting to have one last moment of control

Wanting to at least say when I die, when I expire

A knife, the tool of my release, to free my soul

Agonizing pain, searing along my arms, fire

Blood oozing through these crimson lines I make

The knife dancing savagely through my flesh

Feeling my life growing weaker, I begin to quake

My body covered in a living, bloody mesh

Yet more of my life empties, pools around me

Unable to move, weariness smothers over my mind

Laying in this blood, my blood, now a darkened sea

Eyes drooping, my heart dimming, death now signed

Yet still in these last moments I hang on to life

Unable to let go so easily against this crushing pain

Even though life had so much suffering and strife

Even though my life was dull, ordinary and plain

Clutching with useless hands, trying to save myself

Blood still flowing between my fingers, pooling

Each second I lasted was an my unknown wealth

I lay there, knowing it was over, who was I fooling

Unable to hold onto my soul, I let myself go

Darkness consuming my vision and mind

So weak I was, I never really tried to know

To find this life's answer, to find my flow

A Four part Poem I am making... ^.^" kinda taking a while cause I can't think of the next two parts, or to be more precise, how to start them... o well!

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The target in sight

Waited all night

Anticipation of the foreseen act

Adrenaline reading him to attack

Her back to him, his breathing increased

His humanity gone, leaving only a beast

Grabbing her from behind, into the dark

Hands claiming her throat, attacking like a shark

Fear, shock, panic flashing in her eyes

Dominance creating power rushing through his veins, his prize

Seeming overwhelmed, she scratched with fear

With the desperation of a death too near

Over zealous, too powerful his grip

Crushing her windpipe, blood running down her lip

Pleasure born of dominance dancing in the man

A final splutter of blood, her last breath began

Staring into her eyes, losing their light

The emptiness he saw was not right

Cleared of emotion, aware again

Fear, sorrow, he had slain

Where was that feeling, where had to gone?

Guilt and fear making him withdrawn

Why did he do it, o why?

His only right was to die

With that thought, out came his gun

To the head, pulling the trigger, his death a quick one


Emotions in a whirlpool drowning me

Hiding myself, waiting for the one who can see

Bitter is my soul, curdled by time and life

Struck by challenges, loneness and strife

I am stuck between two existences clashing

With me running, dodging and dashing

A slip and a stumble send me in to its jaws

If only there was just that moment to pause

Too much momentum, too much fear

Scared to lose all those I hold dear

Sunlight comes and goes leaving twilight

Horrors of my mind come and force me to fight

Hope my shield, family and friends my armor, weakening

My hope is strong and yet I find myself despairing

To lose what I struggled to gain

I would rather be slain

An existence friend and family less

Such sorrow and regret would leave me a mess

Don’t leave me here in the darkness of my mind

I need contact, help and reassurance from my own kind

Life is a struggle ending with death

Why not start and end with one breath

No bad but no good, balance in life

No anger, no sorrow, no strife

The result one must take both with grace

For it is mankind’s place

Light in darkness, darkness in light

This is no struggle, no fight

I guess the trick is to accept the good and bad

Even if it makes you sad, happy or mad

So long and good luck

Hope you learn from this muck

Dashing through woods thick

So fast and agile, just too quick

Slashing left and right, taking down scores

Making it seem as easy as killing whores (pardon the term, lil else to rhyme with)

His eyes as cold as the metal he wields

Killing, blood covering the fields

Grim look of determination haunting his features

Loathing and fear on the faces of the enemy creatures

A price the creatures and master must pay

For this warrior of inhuman skill remembers the day

The day they killed his daughter and life

The day they killed his family and wife

Bursting down the door to the small hovel

Finding the dark wizard preparing to grovel

Anger claiming the warrior as slashes

Blood pooling from the multiple gashes

Wizard and army now lay dead

Weary Warrior resting in bed

Sword resting next to his head

As sleep claims him in the shed


The knight charged once, twice but not a third

For at that moment came the largest bird

Up into the air they went, the knight screaming loudly

The knight returned with the head, looking proudly

Only then did they realize it was not dead

Staring at the blinking eye, he fainted and was stole to bed

Waking later the knight recalled the previous day

Not wishing to be in this kingdom of magic and prolong his stay

Jumping out the window, landing on his awaiting steed

Through the town gate like a ghost, drinking a mug of mead

Drunk and speeding through the forest are not a good

A low branch came and dismounted him, killing him like no monster could

The poor knight died that day

Under the tree where the harpies play

When found all that was left was bone

The town’s folk buried him with many a stone

A hero’s burial for a fool’s death


dancing gayly around the trees, the woman jumping into his arms, falling into
the soft cover of folliage on the ground, their laughter carried on the wind. rolling about on that bright spring day as the sound of birds came from the
trees above, the scent of love in the air. they lay, side by side, enjoying the warmth of the sun and the feeling and
flavor of the others hand, a gentle smile on their faces. .watching the soft and gentle clouds roll through the sky, like a flock of sheep,
seeming to follow the leader were ever they go.

"my heart aches so, for fate so throws such obsticals between me and you" he
said with a sigh

"never mind what is between us, simply enjoy what we have, what we are lucky to
still have" she said softly

"but is it not cruel of the world to create us so divided by treaties and pacts,
to unite us and tear us apart?" he replied

"the world is naught as cruel as those who inhabit it, if there is a finger to
point blame, let it be pointed at those who made those rules, who enforce those
rules, for they do much damage to others and themselves through their selfish
actions" soothingly she replied

"if only I could have your patience and wisdom my love, if only for a moment
could I see the world like you do, I would be able to then find my peace, but
till then I can only wander in circles, questioning everything in my gloom" a touch of emotion in his voice

"is there reason to be so inflicted with the poison of others? cast out that ill
will and enjoy this time, for I fear it grows shorter and shorter. why can you
simply not be content with the here and now, why must you be burdened with what
will happen tomorrow, for it has not even happened yet?" she said

"I wish I could my love, but alas I am what I despise, I am my father, my
mother, all those who create these barriers that keep us apart, I fear I would
do the same if in their position, for while I am strong in body, I am fearful in
mind and soul, fearful of losing that which my family has worked to gain for
generations, how can you be so free of these worries?"
rolling on top of him, a playful smile on her lips as mischief danced in her
eyes "I am oppressing you now, will you over throw me or will you simply go in

Okay admittedly I haven't really finished this one... I guess I just didn't see a reason to add an ending, tis your call readers ^.^


The lone boy sat at one the wooden bench at the school. Everyone had gone home hours ago except the cleaners and the crows that had taken permanent roost in the school. As the sun crept across the sky with a purposeful slowness, making each hour, every second slow down, to grow definition as the boy sat on the bench and watched the girl in the building across from him, behind glass in a science lab. The girl was what some would considered a nerd, her hair pulled back into a piggy tale that was considered childish in her teen years, yet she kept it to retain the memories of childhood that so many of her peers had thrown away, or so the boy thought as he sat and watched her reading a book probably on some scientific subject, strangely enough she always seemed to have a book, but never the same one when ever he saw her. Sooner than he thought it would be, the sound of the horn from his mother’s car melted through the solid, real silence that surrounded the school, like water through ice. His attention taking away from his observations of that curiosity of a human, his gaze wondered towards his mother’s car as looked to confirm that it was indeed her and greet her with a lazy wave. Taking one last look like usual towards the girl in the window to find that she was not there. Raising an eyebrow in almost feigned yet sincere interest, he got up and went to fetch his bag. Suddenly he froze in mid step, for there in front of him, no longer behind a window was the girl who was the centre of his fascinations, staring at him.

“Why do you stay back so late every day?” she asked, her voice only increasing the boy’s curiosity about her, why did he feel this way?

He said nothing as all he said as he attempted to move past her, a slight blush coming to his plain features.

“A shy one we have do we?” giggling as she said so, appearing pleased to have found this weakness or once again the boy thought.

“I’m not shy, I just don’t have time to talk, my mum is waiting, if you really want to talk, how about we meet tomorrow after school?” he murmured, his heart racing, his vision wobbling a little as water came to his eyes as he strained to remain in control in this unusual situation to him. Seeming taken back in thought the girl looked down and up again, continuing this a few times as if to check if he was still waiting for an answer.

“Okay, sure why not?” she finally said, avoiding his eyes by looking past him, he was unable to find a reason behind this action, then a thought struck him.

“A shy one we have do we?” he said in imitation of her previous remark, causing her to giggle once again and finally look him in the eye, causing him to smile.
”Well I gotta go, see you tomorrow then” he said, waving to her as he turned to run, thinking about the entire encounter.

Getting to the car, he got in, grumbling a greeting, his mind else where as he thought about the meeting today and the one tomorrow, what would happen and why did he feel so light and strangely happy. Placing all these thoughts aside for the moment for her knew the answers would come to him in time, simply allowing himself to fantasize, for how could he know what lay ahead of him, the disappointment, the happiness, the many moments that would break and redefine his life and those that he come in contact with but for now, we bid farewell to this young boy, who cared only for the moment to come as we once again look back to our own lives, good day to you.


There was once a man who lived in a creaky house. This house was special in the fact it was 500 years old and still with out need of repair. This man was in fact the owner of this house and also 500 years old, he was called Yet, due to the fact he was yet to die. Rumors of his age and house spread, more of them about the house being cursed and allowing him to suffer forever. Due to the overwhelming number of rumors Yet retreated to his creaky house to live a life of solitude and loneliness only to venture out to fetch food from the grocer and or to visit a relative, mainly funerals. Another 100 years passed and the house and man still remain, neither aging one-day through the 100 years. His legend grew dim with time and he was referred only to the old man as his reputation was discredited, only the older generation knowing of the truth behind his age. Eventually as time came and went the house and man became not even myth, he was forgotten as the people became consumed with their lives only and ignoring anything else. Yet saw this and became saddened by this progression of the world he loved, what could he do to correct this, he had power that was for sure. For one week he stayed in his house pondering the problem and the solution, on the first day of the next week, people say they saw a flash and heard a boom, authorities claim it was a bomb. Peoples curiosity dead from the use of technology didn’t question the police and accepted that another person had blown themselves up. The old house and Yet had disappeared, presumed dead, though that was it appeared to those who looked. Where is Yet, what did he do? These are questions still discussed by those older people who remember the legend of the house and the man who resided in it. The day that this occurred it started to rain and it didn’t stop, all around the world rain poured, only the prior old man knew what was happen, the world mourning the loss of its creator crying itself to sleep….

The End

this is one of the few short stories I have written.. I think I'll put up two more tonight and just see what you folks think eh!


O wonderful lady of my heart, O delightful light of my day
You filled my heart, my mind, my soul, O will you stay?
To these weary limbs you gave a purpose, a reason
This heart you melted, spring eternal you made the season
My mind is blinded, binded by you, O blissful wonder
My will once iron, now lay at your feet, torn a sunder
I pledge my undying love, now to you my love, my heart
Your healing love has already taken over, made a new start

man I'm just tired of writing depressing stuff... wanna be happy for a lil while, lol hopefully it shows ehhh lol
have a nice day peoples ^.^


Love is such a simple word, used without thought
Simply saying, never feeling, this is were we are caught
But for you girl I will never say I love you, I will only show it
When you have fallen down, into life's dark, endless pit
I will catch you and bring you back into the light
Cause for I would stand against the world and fight

Trust in me, I will not fail you my love, against all
Allow me to be always there, do not be afraid to fall

You may hide yourself, too caught in shame
Don't you see I won't ever find in you blame
I just want to hold you, so tightly, to not let go
So hold on to me, fall into love, go with its flow



Trudging through life, dragging my feet

Unwilling to move, to seek my life's beat

Why stir these problems when they are sleeping

I just want to stop these tears, to stop weeping

No peace is found in my endless, restless pacing

Only knowing its myself that I'm facing

Left wondering who that stranger is in my flesh

Held back, surrounded by a mental mesh

Only time will tell if I can find the strenght to fight

I must learn to survie without you, its only right

So with that I bury you, foul part of my soul

To get back my life, to get back what you stole

I don't know... lol I hope you all have a fabulous day!


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