Almost no ni99a can make u cry & tha one that can, neva will *still16*
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you are now leaving the town that they find socially acceptable,

you know tha one,  where what they say  actually matters

tha town in which tha narcissist seems to reign supreme

while tha unique and intellectual stand far beneath

rejoice, for I am here to assist you in your attempt to escape that lyfe of ignorance & obedience

in that town that seems so perfect,

but in reality, they are envious of tha fact that you can live in this city

tha lyfe whose horrors are so obvious, tha blind, deaf, mentally disabled, and unstable are aware of itz presence

tha lyfe whose glories seem so incredibly wonderful that those horrors appear to shrink to nothing

if you are one of them please allow me to offer my help to you,

but do not be mistaken I am here only to aid you in leaving that town not in finding a city …

please permit me to offer my sincerest of apologies,

for I had gotten so caught up in your departure

that it seems I have neglected to welcome your arrival

welcome to tha city of the socially independent

tha city of ‘I truly do not give a fuck about what they have to say about me’

where lyfe, though not always ez, neva has a dull moment

you have now arrived to

                      tha lines

                that define

        the design

   of tha mind

of ~Ember Burns~

#lyfe, #paine, #ember, #life, #ignorance

Let U Go/ Inferno

Where’d U Go
Why did u leave
both questions I’m dying to know
Ur leave was so cold, it was as if u neva truly cared about me

and u didn’t tell me tha reason,
y did u keep it inside
but lik I said “I’m LYFTED”
and this burining jus won’t subside

I’ve been asked by many, including myself<
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