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My name is Ellaine Garcia but you can call me Ellaine for short..I love writing poems,I also love reading love stories..I used to play Badminton and I also play Billiard..I love to sing...My Favirite song is Only Reminds me of you and never Be Replaced..
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I search for love everywhere
Then I saw you sitting somewhere there
You gave me your heart but I was just asking for love
I look at the sky and thanked God from above
You hold my hand and we walk for a a while
But we didn't notice we're almost walking for a mile.
Time stands still when we are together
As if everything turned out to be forever.
In my life you brought so much joy
And I'm sure when your gone, I'll really miss you boy.
If ever someday we can't make it through,
I promise you babe I'll find you again and that is true.
Come, Let's celebrate and I'll bring a wine
Because I swear that your will always be mine.

#rhyme, #love, #mine, #together, #forever

I used to hide everything I feel
I'm strong and happy person
That's what everyone knows
when they heard my name

But that's not me
I'm weak and always crying
I always used to cry because of myself being broken

I always help others solve their problems
yet I can't help myself fix my own
Yeah, I'm a Great Pretender!
Pretending what I'm not and would never be.

I'm a Great Pretender
Through everything I say and do
A could say I'm strong to face everything
But deep inside I'm dying for I can't bear anymore pain

Many times I tried to kill myself
Just to escape from this misery of my life
I guess I'm too weak to face everything
I'm not what they see, I'm a Great Pretender!

I can cheer y friends when they are sad,
I can make myself funny just to make them laugh
But it seems it isn't me
Because I can't even find my own happiness

I'm a Great Pretender!
A always pretend everything was alright
even though my world was falling apart
I guess this is me... A Great Pretender!

#pretender, #great, #myself


I used to be a happy person
Despite of the loneliness I've felt inside of me
I have lots of friends and best friends too
From head to toe, I can say even one of them
Doesn't know who am I really is.
I love my family, friends, I also used to like and love
A person like ever other person do
But I guess the love I have given was still less
In fact, they are the people who taught me
To became strong and go on with life all alone with no one to help
And now, I hear complaints from them
About being me as a pride person
They don't even know the fact that being me
Is the hardest role and job God had given me.

#about, #myself, #pride, #god

07.gifComing Back 07.gif

I'm so confident whenever you're there
Because I know, that my feelings for you
Are all fade away
I only love you now as my friend

Several nights came, but this was different
Unlike those nights that passed
I can't help myself throwing you away
Out in my mind
I can't sleep because you're the one I think about
I can't wait for tomorrow to see and be with you again.

Thoughts, memories, feelings especially the love
I have given to you are all coming back
I don't know if I would be Happy or sad
The only thing I know was I'm in love with you again.

#coming, #back, #again

True love is not about the hugs and kisses,The 'I love you's' or the 'I miss you's', But about the chills that hit every part Of your spine when you think about him.When we love, it isn't because the person's perfect, It’s because we learn to see an imperfect person perfectly.Forever is not a word...rather a place where Two lovers go when true love takes them there.True love is not how you forgive, but how you forget, Not what you see but what you feel, Not how you listen but how you understand, And not how you let go but how you hold on.True love doesn't have a happy ending Because true love doesn't end.True love only comes once in a lifetime, So take it as it goes and enjoy every bit of it.

#ellaine666, #true, #love, #end

Dreams are which the mind conceives,The heart desires, and the soul believesAll my dreams came true the day I met youEvery moment I spent with you is like a dream come true.Life’s true pleasure are seen only behind the closed eyes of dreamBut still sometimes, when the wind is warmOr the cricket sing, I dream of a love thatEven time will lie down and be still for.Dreaming of your dreams is easy,Following those dreams is the hard partEspecially if those dreamsAren’t all up to you.With you my love, I want to start a dream that never endsAll that I am, all that I see, all that I dreamAnd do are brighter, more beautiful and meaningfulBecause of my feelings for you!

#ellaine666, #dream, #dreams, #come, #true

When I think of you,I get this feeling I want you to seeThoughts of you make me feel so warm and happyLoving you has been the best thing ever happen to me.A day without you is like a day without sunshineYou’re the one who holds the key to my heartSeeing you is like heavenI just close my eyes and I am with you.You may be out of my sightBut never out of my mindThere is nothing I want more than to be with youJust wanted to let you know, you’re my thoughts all the time.A hug for you means I need you,A kiss for you means I love you,A call for you means I’m missing you andAll that I know is, I’m thinking of you!

#ellaine666, #thinking

Just to know you’re their, I’ll hold you tight and to prove to youHow much I care, I’ll treasure all the moments we’ve shared together forever.On the time of need, I’ll prove you that I’ll be here not becauseI have too but it’s because you’re special to me.Every time I hear your name, a smile forms across my face.Please come back to me coz’ I’m sure you see how importantYou are to me.Every time Look in the sky, I think of you and smile.The love in my heart, the smile in my face is because I’ve found true happiness in some other place...it’s in your heart.

#ellaine666, #"joepet", #joepet, #jopet

I catch myself thinking of youthinking how you make me feelhow you put a smile on my faceHow this feeling is realSometimes i wish i could forgetthat this feeling i could eraseBut i know it's impossiblebecause when i close my eyes all i see if your faceSometimes i see youPass outside my doorI look at you and wonderIf it's me you're looking for?I hope that somedayI'll have the strength to doWhat i always wanted toAnd that is to say " I love you"But till that day comesI'll watch you from far awayAdmire and love youlike i did till this day.

#ellaine666, #feelings, #mine, #feeling

When the day I met you, Thinking of you is what I’ll always doExpecting from youThat more than friends we could beAfter a month I found out you love a girlHoping that girl is meLater on, I met that girl and it’s my best friendIt’s been hard for meBut I’ll have to acceptThis acceptance I gave Is for the friendship we’ve hadNow, it’s clear to me That only friend we could beThank you for the friendship you gaveI love you as a friend is all I can say.

#ellaine666, #just, #friend, #friends

I’m afraid to let you go coz’You’ve been an inspiration to me to liveBut if it’ll makes you happyI’ll let you go even it’s hard for meI know I’ll be so lonely of you’re gone,But I have to be happy for you coz’You’re now happy with the girl you’ve truly loveI’m sure she’s very lucky to have you in her heartA sad goodbye, I tell to you,“Goodbye and take care, I’ll miss you so much”Is what I’ve wanted to say before you goAnd letting you go is the hardest thing I’ve ever doneI have to let you goFor the sake of your own happinessJust want to thank you For all the memories we’ve had.

#ellaine666, #hard, #let

You’ve probably the most confusing person I know,You’re scared to let your emotions showYet you don’t know how to hide them, I can see it throughYou leave me wondering what I should doOne day you’re happy, he next day sadYou ask me for help, but when I give it, you get madYou blame your problems on me, yet insist I’m a great friendIt’s a cycle that goes on, and never seems to endNow, you’re like a turtle, hiding in your shellThat seems to be how you escape, from your personal hellYou want to be alone, yet you tell me not to leave,You need someone to sit there, to talk to while you grieve.Someday I’ll make you smile, and this I always believed,Someone will give you the happiness; you deserve but never received,Because once when I was miserable, and didn’t know what to do,You were the only person beside me, there to help me through.

#ellaine666, #true, #friend

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