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My name is Danielle and i love to read and write poems. I love to meet new people and i love to make new friends.

You wouldn't know this. You were too small.
But I remember everything.
I was there the day you were born.
Patiently pacing the halls.
I wanted so badly to see you.
The mothers and childs heartrates have both dropped.

In those few seconds the world stopped.
Those seconds turned into a time of prayer.
A prayer for you
And mommy
Please God keep them both safe.
Please don't let anything happen to him.
The seconds turned into minutes
They have both become stable
Thank you God.

You was born with little complications
Your heavenly daddy was watching out for you.
Yes I believe in love at first site.
From the moment I saw you I was in love with you.
You looked up at me with those small blue eyes
And ever since then I've been hooked.

You come to me wanting a cookie
and flash those blue sparks at me
Oh if only you knew how hard it is to say no to them.
Your first word was not mommy or daddy
but nan-nell
( close enough for me)

I've watched you sleep at night
Watching your small chest rise and fall
When you whimpered I always found myself wondering why
Did the yelling follow you into your dreams?
Did you miss your daddy constantly gone for work?
Or was it just the boogieman?
I'll never know

You were far too young to remember
but during those times I held your hand
and told you it would be okay
I was your protector into the night
never leaving your side.
Your easy for me to love.

Your years have passed in the blink of an eye
I wish I could slow you down
Once a small child I had held in my arms
Now he is up to my waist.
Teething rings and diaper changes all gone with the small clothes

If only I could show you how much you mean to me.
I would lay down my life
If yours was ever in danger
You deserve to have your dreams come true

The world owes you nothing
this you must learn.
So make something of yourself
Someone I would be proud of

But this is my wish to you
I wish for you to find your way in life
With Jesus by your side.
Treat your wife right.
And be a good father to your kids.
Do the right thing when no one is looking.

My nephew you are
My nephew you will always be.
This I want you to know
I love you with my entire heart.
Remember me

I gave you me
Not all of who I am
More than I have ever let go
I find it hard to trust people
You quickly found that out
Give me time is all I said
But It's all I needed to say.
So as the time passed I began to trust
I began to share with you what my heart contains.
My dreams and what I wanted to be
My flaws and how I couldn't seem to fix me
You filled me with knowledge that was painful to get
We trusted each other
But somewhere in the midst of all of this
You decided you were through.
You didn't need me anymore
Filling my mind with Hope and Love
I let my walls down to let you in
To show that you meant so much
My praise and compliments were a drug to you
You became addicted.
I gave you me
Not all of who I am
My past and all that it contains.
It told me to be careful
Don't ever expose all of who you are
Never fully trust
Your just setting yourself up to a great deal of pain and disappointment.
These thoughts constantly filled my mind.
For the first time I went against what was normal.
For me
I had to know if there were anybody out there who was unlike all others
Someone I could be me around
Not the me with all the walls.
Me with all the barriers broken.
Exposing who I really am meant to be.
Something about you gave me Hope to believe.
Their not all the same.
They won't all play with my emotions.
Our relationship changed.
With one small lie you proved me right.
You are all the same.
You use me to get what you want
Then get rid of me
I gave you me.
Expecting something abnormal.
Tell me the truth.
There really isn't such a thing is there?
I needed a friend.
You are my foe.

What is love to you? This is a question that constantly is asked but never really answered. I have a problem with love. Not really a problem but it's how I love. I love enough to hurt. I care so much about the people around me that it hurts me when they have problems that they can't solve. So what does love mean to you or Do you love enough to hurt?

I am going to start doing this thing to where every day or every other day I will ask a question that I would love to have responses back from. Today's question: What makes life worth pursuing to you? I would love to hear your responses so please reply to this question.

Bobby if you read this then please email me or something please. Bobby I really want to talk to you and My computer is being dumb with chatting so yeah like I said email me.
We condemn a man for stumbling this morning, but we didn't see the blows he took yesterday. We judge a woman for the limp in her walk, but we cannot see the tack in her shoe. We mock the fear in their eyes, but have no idea how many stones they have ducked or darts they have dodged. Are they too loud? Perhaps they fear being neglected again. Are they too timid? Perhaps they fear failing again. Too slow? Perhaps they fell the last time they hurried. You don't know. Only one who has followed yesterday's steps can be their judge. Not only are we ignorant about yesterday, we are ignorant about tomorrow. Dare we judge a book while chapters are yet unwritten? Should we pass a verdict on a painting while the artist still holds the brush? How can you dismiss a soul until God's work is complete? "God began doing a good work in you, and I am sure he will continue it until it is finished when Jesus Christ comes again" (Phil. 1:6) Taken From- Grace For The Moment Max Lucado
It's been going on too long She shouldn't be feeling this way So I ask myself, Why? Why Her? Why does she have to be the one? I have heard of numerous unexpected deaths. Is she the next one? I cannot help but to ask myself, I suddenly feel really guilty. I shouldn't have done some of the things I have. I shouldn't have said some of the things I spoke. What if I don't get a chance to say i'm sorry? Could I live with myself then? Very doubtful She is constantly in the hospital I dread those plain, white walls. Those beds. The medication. The scrubs. These things I have learned, often bring bad news. The look on their face as they approach me They don't have to say a word. Their eyes speak for them. The unknown is seen not heard. As I try to bargain with God, Please Lord, Let them have made a mistake. Not her They haven't made a mistake. She's not gone yet but things are not looking good. Prayer is my only lifeline. Prayer is her only lifeline. The one thing that can help no matter the situation. The one thing I seemingly forget about until i really want something. Why is this? I don't want it to be this way. She is still sick and i'm losing faith. Wouldn't God have already done something? I can't help but to fill my mind with doubt and questions. So all I can say right now, God help her. Heal her. Bless her. Alot! But if it is in your will, I don't want her to feel this pain. I will let her go, if thats your will. Modified by Godlover15
Okay i am completely confused!!! What happened over the past few days?? Cordia or someone else please explain to me because all i know is there is someone acting really immature so if you can please fill me in.
All i have to say is the people on this website is so supportive of each other and that truly is amazing considering the fact that we are all complete strangers!!!! Thanks for understanding each other.
God knew my life before I was born He knew my past before it was present He knew the hurt I would be put through He knew the pain I would feel He knew the obstacles I would overcome He knew my every question without answer He knew my sin but yet he has chosen me as one of his own I am present He stills knows my future Even though I don't He still knows my weaknesses that I myself am afraid to show He still knows every word spoken in a private conversation The things and thoughts I wish nobody knew about He knows My past I wish I could erase and rewrite He knows My doubts, my fears, my insecurities He knows but yet He still loves me And accepts me for who I am And if anyone knows Who I am It's Him


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