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I am a very fun and loving person. I enjoy writing poetry, short stories, reading, watching tv, singing, talking on the phone and spending time with my family and friends. I am a very hard working young woman & i'm working 2 acheive all my goals & make my dreams come true in life. I'm not your average female, i believe i'm above the average chick. I'm not with the games, drama or fakeness so all you drama queens, kings & little kids that want 2 play games like the last time, please stay away from me. I'm a real cool & down 2 earth person & if u get 2 know me, u will learn that for yourself. So too all that love & enjoy my poetry, i want 2 say thank you in advance & i truly appreciate u all. As for the haters...Take a good look & see you didn't break me, I'm Still Standing...THE QUEEN IS BACK, HOLLA!!!!!!
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When my time has come to go,
Don't cry,
Because it wasn't meant for me to stay,
Remember all the good times we shared,
And know,
I'll be waiting patiently 4 u to meet me there.

Forever & Always remember my laughter,
Never ever forget my character,
And know even in the after life,
U will live in my heart forever.

So don't ever say goodbye,
Because i will never leave your side,
Even though my time on earth has expired,
My soul will forever be alive,
My spirit shall never die.

Just do me one more small favor,
Remember all the love i gave ya,
And when you do that,
You will remember me,
And our memories together will live on indeed.

So whenever u missing me,
Remember these words that i'm about to speak...

Whenever u feel the warmth of the sun,
That will be me smiling down on you,
Whenever u have a raindrop fall upon your cheek,
That will be me kissing you,
Each time u feel the wind wrap around your frame,
That will be me embracing you,
And each time you read this poem i wrote,
Or remember any words that i have ever spoke,
Let my words & the memories of me forever comfort you.

I love you ♥ & till next time we meet,
I shall 4ever watch over you, from the heavenly skies,
Peace ♥ ! :-)

By Cordia Rachelle Crawford

Met me a man,
Fell in love with him,
Trusted him with my all,
That was probably my downfall,
Broke my heart in two,
I even shed a few tears too,
Now i look back on it all,
I see, it's just another lesson learned...
That's all! :-) ♥

By: Cordia Rachelle Crawford


~Tension Released~

I have this tension only u can release,
Because i know that u always aim 2 please,
The passion u give has me weak in my knees,
This chemistry we share i thought only existed in dreams.

I crave to feel your chest against my chest,
Yes love, i must confess,
Baby by far, you are the best,
Whenever i'm near you, i feel myself dripping wet,
And i'm not talking sweat, but i'm sure u can guess,
I can't wait to make love 2 you so our bodies can connect,
And feel the pressure of your body thrust inside me, OH YES!

Stroking & rolling,
Moan against moan,
Tongue against tongue,
And finally we cum...

Oh baby, I can't wait till next time we meet,
So this tension can be released! ;-)

By: Cordia Rachelle Crawford


Release me into your ectasy,
I won't put up a fight, can't u see,
Do whatever u please with me,
Because this pleasure i feel is destiny.

I have your name invisibly tattooed inside my thighs,
Because no other man has ever gotten me so high,
Whenever i'm near you, it's like i'm floating on cloud nine,
This is one flight that i will always continue 2 ride.

With just one taste of you, i get drunk off one sip,
I find myself slipping deeper into you & i try 2 catch a grip.

But it's too late because, i'm already lost,
And when i open my eyes & realize this is not a dream,
It's reality at it's most,
I simply close my eyes back & whisper softly in your ear...
Release me into your reality,
I don't care what the cost my dear! ♥ ;-)

By: Cordia Rachelle Crawford

~ ♥ Heaven Sent Angels ♥ ~

I believe,
Some people are put on
this earth for only a short time,
To love & touch as many hearts as they can,
and make your life so much better just
by knowing them,
They are simply angels who walk this earth,
they are heaven sent ♥ !

Dedicated 2 all the angels i have lost...I Love U!

By: Cordia Rachelle Crawford

For the first time
In a long time,
I find myself alone.
No one 2 lean on,
Or no one 2 call my own.
No one 2 share things with,
No one 2 care.
I wonder if in anyone's heart,
Is love 4 me still there?
It's been so long since
I've felt truly loved.
I've had several relationships but,
Only one was sent from above.
I wonder if god is punshing me,
Or if loneliness is my destiny.
Will love ever resurface 4 me again,
Or is it only on my love that i can depend?
I just want someone who will love & find
Beauty in my flaws.
Someone who love's the true me & gives
Me their heart & all.
Am i kidding myself, does love like this even exist?
Maybe 4 some but, i've have yet but once experience it.
Late at night, i sit & look up at the dark blue sky,
Cry my lonely cries & wonder where the future lies.
Damn, i hate it when i feel like this,
But, this is life & unfortunately it's a BITCH!
I know things will get better but, some of
These storms are hard 2 weather.
I fight & fight as hard as i can but
Sometimes i'm just like, WHATEVER!
I often wonder the outcome but,
It's no use because my book is already written.
I'll just wait patiently alone cuz....
Only god knows my happy ending! :-)

~Written from the heart~

By: Ms.Cordia Rachelle Crawford



Today, I made the decision 2 walk away,
Cause, i simply can't take, these games you continue 2 play.
There is simply no reason for me 2 stay,
You had your last chance when, you lied 2 me the other day.
It's now 2 late 2 weep & shed your tears,
Because, i been putting up with this bullshit, for the last 2 years.
You say you love me, but that i seriously doubt,
And i'm so sick & tired of fighting, screaming & shouting.
It's so true, all good things must come 2 an end,
But in our case, all bad things deserve new beginnings.
So now i'm walking away & leaving you with the baggage,
I'll let you sit there now, & try 2 figure out how 2 manage it.
My heart is now clear & free from all this despair,
Because, a piece of my heart we no longer share.
You are now so free 2 go,
Don't let my presence hold you around anymore.
You see, cause we have no more problems left here 2 diminish...
Today, i'm walking away my dear, this journey is finally finish!!!!

 Written from the heart

                                                 By: Cordia Rachelle Crawford a.k.a. CeCe


The day we first met, The day we first kissed, The day you first hugged me, I knew that was the day The day you first took me out, The day we held hands in the movies, The day we made each other laugh, I thought that was the day The day we made love, The day you said you loved me, The day we got married, I was sure that was the day These days were just fantasies, That i soon knew would be true, one day i want have to fantasize because, one day, this day will be with you. Written from the heart! Modified by Cordia
There's a nightmare demon that haunts me in my sleep. It taunts and torches me until it has had every piece of me. It holds me down, and lock my eyes real tight, and i'm fighting and screaming to make everything alright. After so many mintues of fighting and never showing any fear, The evil demon dissappears and the nightmare is gone without a tear. Written from the heart! Modified by Cordia
No more Shabaka in my life No more times to hear him say good-bye No more tears, to cry for the years, he deserted me and left me with so many fears No more dealing with the drama, from all his different baby mamas, As they sit back and wonder who, will be his next #1 woman No more dealing with his baggage, That always seems to hard to manage No more trying to compete for his love and affection, that always left me defeated No more being his second choice, when he has so many of course No more being the sweet girl, that always let him back in her world No more playing into his games, that always brings me so much pain No more Shabaka in my life No more times to hear him say good-bye Written from the heart! Modified by Cordia
A cover place from the rain, which brings me so much pain. A cover place for my heart, which is falling apart. A cover place from you, who is making me go insane. A cover place from my smile, which always forms when you're around. A cover place! A cover place from the wind, which blew my heart in sin. A cover place from the love, which once was in my heart. A cover place from my feelings, which soon will have no living. A cover place from your face, which brings me such great faith. A cover place! A cover place from the this world, which is no big swirl. My cover place is my poems, because it let's everything be known. A cover place! Written from the heart! This is another poem i wrote in high school at the tender age of 16. God it's so funny how time flys. Anyway, i hope you guys like this one too or you can relate. Thank everyone who supports Cordia. Love always, Ms. Cordia Rachelle Crawford, Class of 1999
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