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Things transpiring slower than usual
Yet at the same time going to fast for me to follow
Don’t know what’s happening  am just going with the tide
Am scared but somehow don’t see the need to hide
Whether am driven by confidence or most likely by fear
Something’s telling and urging me to get out of here

So close to the surface i can smell the fresh air
But I cant see the way out, this is hardly even fair
Am getting tossed and turned and pushed about
Becoming so frustrated am about to shout
Ma minds now clouded., I cant find no more rhymes
I’m lost in a black hole we call time

Confused, lost, trapped in a daze
Hoping to God its just a phase
Wondering “where do I go from here?”
All of this seems to be too much to bare.

It isn’t about who’s right or wrong
If its up or down,
Should we go left or right
Or whether its black or white

Moments spent in areas of gray
Times I took the wrong way
I cant help but look back at the past
Scared cuz the future’s coming way too fast

Wishing I could go back to when things were easier
Or at least the days we didn’t know any better
Better yet, I wish we could just fast forward,
Get this shit over, done with, and covered


I don’t even know what im feeling right now
Am I sad, mad, miserable, upset or down?
Maybe I’m just cross, sulky, crabby or grumpy
But why in the hell can’t I just be happy!







No crying no weeping no sobbing no feeling
don’t show it cant show it don’t make ’em know it
shouldn’t hurt you shouldn’t bother you
shouldn’t phase you shouldn’t rage you
You know these things you’ve learned theses things
You’ve practiced these things now execute these things
This is what they’ve taught you this is what it comes down to
Use it exploit it exercise it apply it
Smile, c’mon you can do it
You know the technique to help you through
don’t give ’em reason to ask what worries you
Hold it back hold it in be strong
Came too far its been too long
Don’t you dare allow those tears to flow
Never make anyone know

When I hear you’re name I lose ma breathe
I feel weak, like I’ve lost ma strength
how it got this serious ill never know.
don’t know why I tried not to make my feelings show

Lying at night, cant get no sleep
thinking bout the times u swept me off of my feet.
First you make me happy then u make me sad
everything was going good then u jus made me mad

My heart didn’t come with a spare
so where do I go from here?
where did it all go wrong
why do I keep pretending am strong ?

I confide in my friends cuz thats what they're there for.
I talk n talk till i can say no more
The reason why u jus gotta love them….?
the only thing they ask is 'how we go fix this problem'

Amma only say this once so listen close
you're like a drug, I need my daily dose.
Allow me to clarify, cuz there ain’t no room for confusion
I need and want u to be my solution!

Thoughts of you keep me awake with each passing day grows my heartache Memories of u, till this day haunt me why cant they jus leave me be! Maybe its because my feelings wont subside i guess i have to deal with it till the day i die i find myself in a predicament i just cant escape or maybe its beacuse a part of me doesnt want to get away i wish i knew why i wish i wouldnt cry but i wish more than anything to have u by my side
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