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You never knew that I was in love with u Months are passin and u still dont know that I love uYears has pass and u still dont know that I love u.Until one day that I told u. But u told me that u have a gurl. Submitted by Geraldine E-mail:
Why do I need a boyfriend? These are the reasons: 1)cuz I need a guy that love me.2)I need some1 that would make me happy. 3)also some1 that would like to share things with me. 4)a guy that would like to go out places with me.These are the reasons why I need a boyfriend. Submitted by Geraldine E-mail:

Baby, I was so glad that I met u cuz u change my life. Also we went Throgh alot of things that I would never forget. Also, u are the only person that is important to me. Now that u told me that u are leaving. I'm sad and I will not be the same gurl a before. Since that day that we split up, Baby Boy I miss u so much that u don't imagine. Baby I Miss U Alot!!!!!!!!!!!!1Submitted by Alexandra E-mail:
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