Hello honey, today makes one year since I married you
Even though we are thousands of miles apart
I think of you everyday and will not stop
I remember your smile ae we hug
I remember your beautiful hair, flying in my face
I remember your smell as I breathe in
I remember the feel of your lips
the feel of your hands as we walk
The sound of your voice, like music as we talk
It is four months from today,
Before I get to see your beautiful face once more
I remember your face, as we parted in the lounge
I remember your eyes, as I got on the plane
The tears flowing freely down your face
Your whispered plea, to come back to me
I remember the pain in my chest
as the engines came to life.
I remember the lost feeling, As I lost sight of you
I remember the hurt that began as the tires left the land
But most of all I remember My love for you
and I will be home for you