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Ok there is a boy at my school who I really like and I'm pretty sure he likes me back. He flirts with me alot in the classes we have together and is really touchy-feely sorta and I like that in a guy. Like he always trys to hold my hand and he tickles me and stuff like that.We don't really hang out at breaks and stuff cuz I don't really know alot of his friends that well. We talk on the phone on the weekends usually and sometimes during the week since we are both kinda busy. But for some reason we haven't hooked up yet. Maybe he just wants to be able to flirt with other people but I never see him flirt with anyone else. We were probly going to hook up this summer but then two weeks a go about he told me he is moving an hour and a half away. It doesn't seem that far but neither of us get our license for 5 months. We still have a week left of school so we can still kinda hang out for a little while longer. He said he is moving around halfway through the summer and we can still hang out while hes here and he'll come to visit. I just think if I start to be with him alot during the summer I'll get attached and be crushed when he moves away. I want to be with him but if he's moving away I don't want to try to have a long-distance relationship. I want someone who I can see almost every day and be with me. So what I need to know is if I should try to just have a good time with him while I can or just try to stop liking him as hard as that sounds.
Submitted by Sabrina

One of my very good friends is a guy. He is the nicest guy I've ever met. We are really close and we tell eachother everything about girls and guys. Three monthsago he staretd going out with this girl who I get along with but we don't talk outside of school. He is like the most romantic perfect boyfriend and he is exactly what i want in a guy for my self. He isn't hot but he is a cutie. I can't help it but every time we tak or hang out I feel a wierd attraction to him. I'm not going to tell him because I know it would change our relationship and I admire what him and his girlfriend have. But when I talk to him and we try to get ideas for a guy who would be good for me no one is nice or sweet enough. I just don't know how I feel. How do I stop feeling like this? Submitted by Sabrina

Okay the friday before Valentines day I went to a basketball game with my friends. Once we got there I started hanging out with Aaron. He is my age and in the beginning of the year we were friends but secretly I liked him alot. But then he started going out with this girl rachelle and they went out for about 3 months.Once they got together we kind of stopped being friends. Everyone warned him not to go out with her because she is kind of skuty and she would break his heart. And thats what happened. So anyway the bball game was about a month after they broke up. So me and himwere hanging out in the little snack bar area and we were talking about rachelle and this boy I used to like. We also asked eachother who we liked but I said not really anyone even though I still really liked him. He said he didnt know either but he said he thought I was hot. I said ib thought he was too. So then he asked me to go outside with him so we walked up to the dark track around the fball field. We were just talking and then he kind of hinted that he wanted to kiss me. But I didnt know what to say so he said that I didn't have to if I didn't want to but then I said I did but I had never kissed anyone before. He didn't care. So we were standing on the bleachers his back against a banister me againt himand we kissed three times. Really good kisses!! Then westarted walking back and he grabbed my hand turned me arond pulled me in and kissed me twice more. Then we were almost to the building and we kissed one more time. We kind of decided we werent going to tell anyone except our best friends Ashton and Scott. Once we got inside everyone was asking where we were but I said we were just walking and talking and they believed me. Me and aaron didn't hang out for the last 2 min of the game. We didn't talk that weekend. On Monday,Valentines day, he ignored me and then I heard him and this stupid sluty girl alicia were probly gonna go out. I was so sad. Me and scott are good friends to so italked to him about it. After two weeks I wrote him a letter and told him how I felt all year and how I would always have feelings for it. He never reacted to it but I know he got it and read it after that we have been kind of wierd and I told him I don't hate him and I wanna be his friend. But I've tried to stop liking him or liking someone else but I can't stop tjinking about him. He sometimes talks to me and I think I love him. I hate him and have the strongest feelings I've ever had for someone in my life. I know I love him. So what I need from you people is to tell me if I should tell him how I feel Or tell scott to tell him. I didn't know what to do but I want to get rid of the feeling or just be with him! Please give me suggestions boys especially. Submitted by Sabrina


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