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Previously submitted Missing Dad, and My Love. I would like to thank everyone for all the nice comments.
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I am a good girl, that has gone bad
To be with you, I risked all that I had.

It was worth every moment, every time
Now all that I want, is for you to be mine.

What do I have to do, to get you here with me
What do I have to do, beg, cry, and plea?

I miss you so much, I torture myself
I know lusting you, is bad for my health.

When you dont come around, I get lonely
I really want to be with you, and you only.

You have burnt a fire, deep into my soul
Without you near, it is just an open hole.

My body is craving you, I want you right now.
We need to make it happen, I don't care when or how.

I want to run my hands all over your skin
I feel a small fire starting to begin.

To kiss your lips, to touch your face
Now I feel my heart, beginning to race.

I feel the heat in my body, starting to grow higher
See baby, it's only you that can start this fire.

I'm in such need, of your touch
Hurry honey, I want you so much.

Just to feel your body, your caress
Let me help you baby, help you undress.

My hands running, up and down your thighs
Can you hear my heart pounding, over my sighs?

Oh baby, I am driving myself insane
I want to scream, and call out your name.

Please come to me, and make it fast
I wanna love on you, and to make it last.

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I would influence others lives...
I would make grown men, lie to their wives.

When others lives, are doing so well...
I will twist and turn it, into a living hell.

Let all your lives be miserable, just like mine...
I will take up, and use up all of your time.

I want to use and abuse you, all that I can...
I want to make you feel, less than a man.

I will make you, treat people that you love...
Just like they were useless, like a glove.

Throw them away, and toss them aside...
Then I will know, I am truely inside.

Now that you know, who I am...
Fight me with all, that you can.

For I will steal, your life away...
And forever with me, you will stay.


Your are my love, my life, my soul,
I love you more, than you'll ever know.
My pulse races, my heart pounds,
Everytime, you come around.You make me shake, you make me weak,
My lips tremble, I can barely speak.
"Touch me, touch me my love",
Our bodies unite, we fit like a glove.
I never, ever, want to let you go,
Please hold me tight, and love me slow.
I long for you, night and day,
I love you more, than words can say.
Your touch burns me, like a flame,
Your body moving, drives me insane.
As your hands, caress my skin,
I feel the heat, burning within.
The time has come, for us to unload,
You hold me tight, as we both explode.
Is this a dream? Can this be true?
Us lying here, me loving you?
You are all that I want, you are all that I need,
Please love me again, before you must leave.
I am yours, and you are mine,
A love to last, till the end of time.
Thank you my love, for a wonderful night,
Let's always make love, and never fight.


I miss you, you were all that I had,
Even though you weren't, I still called you my dad.
Then came that fateful day,
Said that the Lord, had taken you away.Even though, I know your in a much better place,
My heart is broken, and full of empty space.
I wish that I could have told you, one last time,
How much I loved you, you are always on my mind.
I miss your love, guidance, and strength,
Now, I know, just how much your love meant.
I have alot of memories, that I can replay,
I only wish, you hadn't gone away.
Dad, we love you, even though you are gone,
You gave us strength, and we must all carry on.
There will be days of sadness, and days of joy,
You were even there, for the birth of our baby boy.
We had to bury you, on his birthday,
He talks about you, each and every day.
The one year marker is approaching, and fast,
Nothing can change, the love that we had.
We will come and visit you, as often as we can,
We just wanted you to know, you were such a wonderful man.
We love and miss you, all day long,
Our love for you, will always be strong.
You will always have a place in my heart,
Even though you are gone, we will never be apart.


You have been on my mind, alot these days,
So I go to the plot, where your body lays.

Five year anniversary is approaching, and fast,
Thoughts of  you drift into my head, from the past.

This is not an anniversary, of celebration, and cheer,
Not of happiness, laughter, not of wine nor beer.

Dad, my emotions they run so deep,
Your laying there, as if only asleep.

I want to make you, HAVE to awake,
This is way too much, for my heart to take.

I want to scream, I want to YELL,
To tell the world, to go to hell.

The pain hasn't eased, not one little bit,
So I throw a tantrum, so I throw a fit.

Everythings the same, nothing has changed,
I still get crazy, I feel half deranged.


Come a little closer, I need to feel you near,
With you at my side, I have nothing to fear.

Come a little closer, my heart, starts beating faster,
With a little more time, my body, you will master.

Come a little closer, our bodies uniting with fire,
You take me soaring, you take me higher.

Come a little closer, hold me tight and for forever,
Promise to love me, and to leave me never.

Come a little closer, tell me promises you can't make,
We both know, there's too much at stake.

Come a little closer, hold me one last time,
So that I can pretend, that you were mine.

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