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Uhm, well im a sophomore in high school. My life has changed alot in the past year, lets just say my better judgment has gone away. I love having tooo much fun and getting into trouble tends to happen more than i would like. But, in sometimes i love to just write out things i cant really explain to anyone else! I have a myspace page its, if you would like to add me!=]
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I miss the girl i called my bestfriend.
the one i would always defend,

i miss all of our crazy walks
or the times we had long talks

i miss the girl i called my little mogie
the one who never failed to have a stogie(:

i miss when she would just hold my hand
or all the times we went off to "unicornland"

i miss the lazy bitch i use to constantly beat up
the girl that made me chocolate milk in stevies sippy cup.

i miss the girl i got crunk with everynight
that hoe never left my damn sight!

i could say i dont miss that girl at all, but i cant pretend
i really do miss my bestfriend :(


This isn't drifting
im just finding myself,
i won't break,
i won't fall,
and i know i won't have it all.
but with you or not
ill make it the best
i know who i've got
and i know what i want
this is who i am
you've got your definition,
and i've got mine.
one of us will have to walk the line.

#ill, #alright

Why won't you let me fall?
I know, i don't have it all.

I can't breathe when your around.
and i can't manage to make a sound.

because the truth is im afraid.
so many mistakes have been made.

the first time i completely crumbled.
every word i spoke was mumbled.

but please, don't leave me here.
i can speak so very clear.

i've figured it out, and i'm alright.
i can finally, finally see the light.


Stop looking past his flaws,

Stop trying to change for him,

stop letting him control you.

stop tryiung to be who your not

stop thinking the next day will be better

stop making yourself think he'll change

stop loving the person he's not.

just let it go, before you hit the floor
all he has to do is walk out the door

stop letting your love for him overflow and spill,
because you know he never ever will.



take a step back from this,

realize what you've got infront of you.

He used to look straight at you,

now he looks right through you.

But, is it really worth it?

Letting him walk all over you.

Making you feel like dirt after it all.

You set up that wall for a purpose,

but somehow he managed to tear it down.

not that he's gone try to rebuild.

it will start to get better day by day

little peices of your soul will find their place

your heart was only mearly damaged,

because it wasn't true love afterall.

#broken, #wall

It all ends the exact same,
every ounce of aching pain

I fall harder every time
it feels like i've committed a crime

I can't manage the things i've felt
but it's the only hand i've ever been dealt

Every single time i crash and burn,
i wonder when i'll finally learn..

#short, #hurt

Hearts are torn apart

Relationships end before they really start

When he decides to disappear

Everything she has turns to fear

Holding back all the tears

Asked by all her peers

Now all it is, is a glance

She tries to hold a steady stance

Locking up all her acheing pain

He was the only thing keeping her sane.

#things, #end

The best thing about tonight
is shes not fighting

Running down the street
she drops to her knees
She whispers "please"
As her cross is in her hands.

Blood runs down her arms
The rain starts to sting

People, everywhere, calling for her
but she cant hear them

Her sight is set on him
Calling to her, but its not true

He doesnt want her, and she knows
Her only words are, i cant do this anymore.

The blood isnt dripping anymore,
its forming like puddles around her.

They tried to save her, but it was too late
Maybe this was her only fate.

By, Bobbi Brooks.


All these days And all these nightsI’ve been waitingFor morning to bringThose sweet summer lightsFriends all aroundmaking more than soundThe laughterThe joyAll in their facesAs they take those innocent pacesThe pools that couldn’t be colderAnd by night you want to lean on someone’s shoulderAnd in the end Every moment Every smileIt was all worth it by a mile
Everythings Changing So Fast NowWere Both Too Stubborn To Talk To EachotherAt First I Thought It Was For The BetterBut Now The Truth Is I'm Tired.And Its Not Fun Anymore,Its Just Not.
We were all just regular peopleOur children had futures,To become whatever they dreamedWe were ripped from our homes,From our famliles and lives,Thrown into camps,And not given a reason whyEverything around me wasStarvation, crying, and dyingThe only thing i could think was, Could i survive another day?People that stand before me are just regular people,Being treated cruelly just like the restAs we walk toward our deaths, I think of how many lives that have been taken by From regular people trying to have a lifeModified by BobbiSue
Lifes too short..So break the rulesDont hold grudgesLaugh wheneverLove deeply and Forgive quicklyLet go of what you cant changeTake ChancesTake good with the badSmile when your sadLove what you have and remember what you hadAlways forgive, but never FORGETAnd never regret something that once made you smileModified by BobbiSue
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