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Im a 19 year old female who is so tired of love and the pain i have felt
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Why diden't you answer the door? I was sleep but the look on his face makes me unsure.Does he believe that i was sleeping by myself? Of course not ,but i speak there's nobody else.Once a cheater alway's a cheater isn't this the sayin. I tell my bf i feel love yeah im still playin.Another Rhinna being unfaithful. A dude on the side is tasteful. Rhinna knows what quenches our thirst.Happy relationship, and we love this curse.

The babydad's that we picked get's ticked when we call them a deadbeat. They keep the truth in the shed expecting it not to leak.They pretend to know our child this causes a mild temper. Our lives get's no simpilar, but thier's just dandy. When we could use someone who's handy.Then thiers the babymom's who's frontin. Thier kids not takin care of but thier babydad's are stuntin.The mothers claim he's such a good dad dumb a$$ hoes are really sad.Acting like their so good, man youl dumb a$$ brondes belong in the hood.Stop takin up for the boy who's never there.They party and gamble without a care.Knowing that they have a child to raise.Frontin A$$ babymom's and loser a$$ babydad's keep my hatred amazed.Females realize what should really matter. Speak the truth eventually their lives will shatter.You're child needs you to have goals.These boy's aren't ready to be men you can do it raise part of his kin.It's time to be a women here take this omen i promise to give my child a okay household. A fulltime parent even though sometimes i'll be cold.


He's gone so you slowly cut Dumb a$$ females don't have the gut Life is still here Why make losing him youre biggest fear Get a career, be sincere Only to yourself He made your heart melt Get some dart's And wish it could be what he felt Damn why kill yourself Life is precious if you make it Life is only how you intake it Start taking this seriously A knife won't end the misery


I loved you even when i silently cried I loved you even when you chose to lie I loved you even though for months we were over I loved you even though i wished upon a clover for my love to end I love you even though hate is what i send I love you even though our pictures is what i bend I loved when you told me i was a mistake I love you even though pain is what i intake I loved you when you told me im not what you want I love you even though i hunt for someone new I love you even though im still sewing my heart's threads I love even though we lay next to someone different Modified by Trevathan

Are you serious that's it? We'll that's okay because that was some good dick. I'm glad I was your next pick for your tongue to taste my clique. Your muscles holding up my thigh mmmmmm boy I won't deny. I loved your determination to make me scream. To sex my pussy to the exterme. The way you adjusted my hip. For your dick to take a dip. while your tongue gets a sip. Currently I'm still biting my lip. Seven whole day's till the next. Heaven is where your dick takes me. I leak so my pussy don't rest. Boy you are the best. Modified by Trevathan Modified by Trevathan
If I was your girl your head would never twirl at another lady. If I was your girl I would be on your mind daily. If I was your girl you would never wonder where I'm at. If I was your girl i would love you even if you become fat. If I was your girl I would sex you crazy. If I was your girl the sex would remain amazing. If I was your girl I would listen to your every word. If I was your girl I would forget the roomers I have heard. If I was your girl I would not cause you frustration. If I was your girl their would be no need for evaulation. If I was your girl my love would never stop it would grow like corn planted on the crop. If I was your girl I would remain your girl even if you were broke. If I was your girl I would remain your girl even if you had a stroke. If I was your girl you would want me to be your wife for life. If I was your girl i would massage away your stress then caress what turns you on. If I was your girl
Fuck ya'll Niggas, Im so pissed at this sh$$. Constantly playing me like im just any bitch . Im done with men Im too pretty for this sh%%. My looks is the only thing that keeps ya'll dicks. Me constantly trying to work on us. You cheating on me Man equals hoe bitch get on the bus. I can't satisfy your lust. This conflict can't be solved. You violated my trust. You triggerd my anger with your lust. Fuck ya'll whores ya'll make females crazy. When we do this s$$t were no longer ladies. Ya'll are just lazy,horney,disgusting creatures. Who just be with women because of their features. Fuck ya'll dudes females are ya'll with me. Ya'll are like babies we are no longer giving ya'll the titdei. Then you claim your sorry suck on my a$$. I ought to take your dick and cut it off with glass!!!!!!!!! as you can see i don't know how to spell women's breast Modified by Trevathan Modified by Trevathan Modified by Trevathan

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im sorry that i can't hate you as much as you hate me.Im sorry that we no longer share a destiny.Im sorry that i gave you your first born. Im sorry that your heart isn't as torn. Im sorry for giving you my best. Im sorry that our love coulden't past the test. Im sorry that a mistake is all you see. Im sorry that you pissed on me like a tree. Im sorry that a b#### is all you see. im sorry that i thought we were meant to be. Im sorry for all the bull#### i maintained to tolerate. im sorry that all you do is make me cry. Im sorry that i can't kiss my love goodbye. Im sorry that i can't let go. Im sorry that you will never know how i feel. Im sorry that i coulden't complete your meal..... Modified by Trevathan
why can't we pick who to love? Im so sick of being shoved! Ticked at always being burned, being turned, into this hateful disrespecting lady.Dissing males daily, cause of my history .I need love to remain a mystery cause pain is all i feel. This wound won't heal,won't seal, so why begin to peel another. When a bandage will be needed, tears is what's seeded. Females run from love we are beautiful doves and do okay single, so when you get a tingle turn your head. You don't won't to be in my hateful bed
I can't focus, I can't talk, It's been on my mind So i can't truly walk. Until i tell you what's really buggin. Damn boy i really miss your lovin. The memories is so glued. The way you did me was so rued. I loved you so hard. You tossed me out like a card. I was there for you whenever you rang. Now im like dang. i bang my head cause i cant erase your face lovin you was my permenant mistake.
Speak when i say this make your goal don't miss! I look in your eyes making a silent wish. I heard your heart beat but can you tell me is it strong? We stand still im trying to Define Where We Belong. I want to feel you Im not talking Freaky Your Blocking Which keeps me Thinking. Speak do you know what i mean Im trying to Define Our Relationship Scene.
erase this pain erase his face erase this love my heart intakes. Please i scream i can't let go. His face after 5 years is all i know. I want to let go yet my heart yearns. My love i can't show can anyone relate? can you understand why my heart only wants this man, never uses my name it's always whore why can't i close my hearts door he's erased himself now totally new why does this man insist on making me blue someone help me give me a clue how can i erase all i've ever knew? Modified by Trevathan Modified by Trevathan Modified by Trevathan

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