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Let's see where to start..... I have been called a poet but most like weird. I'm not you typical girl, like doing things differently and don't have reasons for it. I'm not sure what to all write here, so I guess really if you want to know more, just message, I'm not that scary.
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Stranded in this place between the worlds
I write this for those who might find it
My story in a way that makes a dull life
Seem like that of a hero
Starting at the beginning would be but logical
The tragic of my life I can not recall
Only way for me to know is through stories told my parents
And pictures taken of myself and the non-remembered
Here I state all that I know
Having to leave those she loves
I have had to move four times
With the possibly of yet another time
Most all great grandparents have move from this world to the next
And one grandparent has left because of evil
Due to suppression, my life as I remember has been only good
Full of love and laughter and all that is happy
Depression and suicide have been thrown away from remembrance
I do things for reasons I do not know
As well I struggle with my true intelligence and that the world wants
Beauty and love has been given as presents at birth
And dad’s little girl has been placed on my head
My only outlet for emotions is the noise created by artists
Conflicts between who I am and who the world wants me to be
Has always been, still is, and will never cease
Now I leave this story unfinished and hanging
For the reason that life has not ended for our person
Will life get easier or just have her go mad
Has yet to be found out

#untold, #story

Tears of fire and iceRunning down my cheeksFire that burns the skinIce the freezes the scars You say you’ll always be thereYou say you’ll never leaveBut when I need you mostYou’re never there I’m always left aloneTo heal my broken soulNo one is here to help meI’m left to fight the battle alone No matter what you sayI’m always aloneRunning down my cheeks areTears of fire and ice

#fire, #ice, #tears

Dear GodWhy is there hate?Do people like hurting others?Is it war the want to create?Why isn’t there more love?Why don’t people care for othersAnd the one above?Dear GodWhy do people kill?How can that solve problems?Why does blood have to spill?Can’t people just talk it through?Can’t they change old ways?Or are they afraid of things that are new?Dear GodWhy have people turned from you?Are they afraid?Would they love you if they knew?Is it you that everyone searches for?Are you what everyone wants?Why do they ignore?Dear GodPlease help us down here?We don’t know which path to choseHelp make it clear?The world has changedSince Jesus was last hereHelp us before we’re deranged?
These four wallsI’ve come to know them wellI have them memorizedI know every dip and swellI never leave there wallsI see them all the day longI need to get out But where so I belong?Nothing else existsNothing bet me and the wallsNo one can help meNot even if I fallNo matter what I doNo matter what I tryI shall never leaveSo I’ll just sit here and cry

#these, #four, #walls

We were meant to beWere we not?You never treated me rightBut I never caredI’ve meet anotherWho is perfectBut there is somethingThat I can never denyIt’s like my heart still longsFor what I hadAnd what is goneLoved your spiritIt was one with the pace of mineYou brought our this side of meThat I never had beforeBut now that is lostNever to me returnedIf only I had listenedTo what I felt insideAnd not what I knew was rightWill my heart ever be silentFor the one in whichThat has a spirit to match mine?

#spirit, #match, #mine

I’m cold and aloneI’m here on my ownI don’t know what to doI’m so confusedMy heart is tatteredIt’s totally shatteredI can not longer fix itIt’s been splitNow I’m standing in the rainI view it through eyes of painI’m overwhelmed by tearsMy vision is so unclear

#eyes, #pain

Are we just playingA game of charades?Are we just trying To get one another affection?Who are weAnd what are we doing?Are we here for othersOr just ourselves?Why do we toThe things we do?Why do we leave one anotherFor things we think are right?Tell me what happened to usTell me who I amTell me why you leftTell me how to save you


You always gave me this feelingWhen ever I was with youWhen ever I saw youYou always sent this tingleThrough my bodyAnd a pain to my heartI lover youOr I thought I didI don’t knowIs this right?I want to cryI want to be tornIs there someone out thereMeant for me?One that can handleA spirit of mine?

#spirit, #mine

If you know I’m trappedWhy not help me find the key?If you know I’m aloneWhy not walk beside me?If you know I’m dieing Why not give me life?If you know I want to dieWhy not keep me away from the knife?If you know I’ve fallenWhy not help me up?If you know I’m starvingWhy not give me water in a cup?


It’s darkAnd cold and wetI’m in my darknessNever to get outBut I see a lightMaybe I haven’t been in a holeBut in a tunnelI run towards itOr at least I thought I was runningYes I was outI was no longer in my holeI can finally hear the birds singI can watch the sunriseBut waitWhat’s going on?No I’m sinking back into my darknessWasn’t I out of it?I thought I wasBut it turned out to be my imaginationI never left my holeI was just dreaming of a better placeWill I ever get out?Am I truly alone in the world?

#alone, #darkness

Why did you leave?I never know you They say you were wonderfulI shall never know if it’s trueHow could this happen?How could you leave/The loss of you was greatAnd now I shall forever grieveEvery tear I cryThe earth cries moreNothing on this worldCould heal this soreI walk aroundSo empty heartedEver sinceThe day you departedNo matter where I amOr where you areWe shall always be togetherNo distance is too far

#departed, #day

It whips around meCovers me with a blanket of warmthIt can be stronger like a hurricaneOr gentle like a breezeIt makes my hair danceLets my soul flyIt changes the look of the cloudsAnd the way I look at the wouldIt speaks a languageOnly the soul understandsNot many stop to listenTo the stories it has to tellStories of kingdoms and castlesKings and QueensStories on everyday animalsAnd of some never heard ofSome might call it magicalSome might say it’s crazyBut me…..I call it the wind


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