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I love you Nelly you have been the best girl friend I have ever had..... I always thought that I enver had luck in girl's..... One day I asked god to send me a bueatifulgirl.... and he did he send me you..... I never thought my dreams well come true untill the day I meet you.... I know me and you always fight but that tells me making our love stronger ..... And evry min I spend with out you it's not worth living..... Nelly you don't understand how much I love you .....I never thought I would find a girl like you but at the end I relies that my dreams have becam true ..... Nelly you are the girl I'm going get married to..... I love you so much Nelly you are my everything with out you I well die thats how much I love you and that's what I wanted to show you..... Submitted by JAMES

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