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"Золото демонов" Прошел моря, прошел леса Все горы и озера Но никогда не видел я В судьбе своей такого Я видел золото богов, алмазы демонов и снов Прекрасных андромид я наблюдал Познал величие всех царств Открыл неведанные дали Смог победить врагов но вас Мои глаза, нет, не видали Ваш стан, ваша улыбка Ваш голос тысячи певцов Приятней и красивей Прошел леса, прошел моря Но никогда уже не буду Так рад от встречи с вами я И верно вас я не забуду by Artur Zotov


O, Lake of beauty and warm, They called you, ‘flower of Jesus’ I beg, give me a favor, Tell my beloved about your Creator. When she sees your beauty and Feels your warm, tell her How beautiful and lovable is your Maker. O, Mountains of High and Rocks of Strength They called you, ‘inhabitance of gods’ I beg, give me a favor, Tell my favorite about your Former. When she sees your height and Feels your strength, tell her How great and strong is your Designer. O, Wind of Tenderness and Storm of Wrath They called you, ‘The voice of the Most High’ I beg, give me a favor, Tell the love of my heart about your Owner. When she sees your wrath and Feels your tenderness, tell her How just and merciful is your Commander O, Fire of Heat and Light of Destruction They called you, ‘gift of gods’ I beg, give me a favor Tell the life of my heart about your Provoker. When she sees your power and Feels your heat, tell her How powerful and reliable is your Father God, Creator of lake, Former of mountains, Owner of wind and Provoker of fire, The One who made my beloved, favorite, love and life of my heart, tell her and show her how much You love her and use me, wretched worm as I am, to pour out Your love on her. Artur Zotov

I say, time has come to dream You say, lonliness i feel Thinking time of you I am not a thing Day has come today Time when you were born Moment when i am glad That i found the Core Thankful I'm to God That i know You Are Happy be in life You were right so far Love is in my heart Gladness that i am your Gift you are, oh mine Darling, I am your Rose Artur Zotov


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