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I think i am a little off. but the ppl i hang out with think im normal but i know im not.i like to write poems and i post when i have new stuff.
You come into my life and don’t ask what wrong doings I have done You don’t ask me why I do the things I do even though you want to You hold back from knocking some sense into me though it would be for the best I ask you why you don’t ask these simple questions Then you tell me it is because that is who you were before you changed How I changed even I don’t know I still lie I still tell rude jokes I still hang out with those who only do bad Yet still you stay by my side I don’t think I will ever understand you But just for being there and putting up with me for that I thank you Because of you I now have something to look forward to Now I smile but yours is still better, I smile for you I no longer smile that smirk that brings pain to others Because of you I now have fun without making others suffer Because of you I am now a better person Modified by LifeBites
you told me you missed me you told me you cared you held my hand you said you would always be there when things got rough you ran away you lead me to believe I could trust you just to prove me wrong I sit alone because you left me you left me to take on the world I used to fear my enemies thanks to you I faced my fears and I BEAT them down like they were nothing just like what you are to me now I no longer miss you I no longer care but now I have this poem all because of you thanks for all the help.... Modified by LifeBites

you left me there without saying goodbye you left me there to sit and cry your final words to me were of hate and all i can think of is this must be fate so now i say fate be damned now I will start anew this time without you

life is harsh or so you say you should try looking at life another way see the beauty of the world and all the wonders that it hides all you need to do is look inside you may not see it but its there all you have to do is care

Alone in my room no friend but my blade the blade is so cold and its calling my name wanting for me to use it to use it just one last time as I pull the blade across my skin it hits a vein I start to bleed as I lose myself in my misery...

you put on a smile you put on a show but deep down you realy know knowing that your lifes a fake and knowing that your parents think of you as a mistake you drive yourself insane trying to end the pain Modified by LifeBites

In the darkness all alone waiting for the path to be shown hidden in the dark for so long you just dont know where you belong hopeing for the end to come because your life has come undone you grab the blade as you start to say thus I shall end my life today fearing not the other side your olny wish is to just die you slit your wrists and say goodbye..... Modified by LifeBites

You say im smart I think Im not you found a way to let it out While I keep it all locked up

Lifes a crock and then you die so why dont you just pass me bye you stop and stare and say how sad you must be so lonely down there there in your dark little world you call a life so come up and join me in the light
A poem is like rage Out of control Standing up and screaming At the top of its lungs Poetry It is staring you down Eyes burning Daring you to do something Anything to set it off It is always there Rage is poetry Poetry is the mind Set free To roam along the paper’s surface Bubbling up out of nowhere And making a big impact on all


Im sitting here listning to you read about the Blade and how you wish your life should fade away longing for the end to come because your life has come undone Modified by LifeBites

I can help thats what I say now please my friend put that blade away I say dont do that its bad for you your responce is its olny a scratch whats it to you afterwords I ask you why then you say Its just some dumb guy Modified by LifeBites

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