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Kristy, well what can I say, I didn't really know you but I knew alot about what you did. What you did for everybody was what you did, you put everybody first, you cared about everything and everyone. You were taken away from us so soon, you had so much more to get out of life. 1972-2006 Everybody who reads this Kristy was a great person she never gave up on anything and she enjoyed what she did best. R.I.P KRISTY WE WILL MISS YOU
Written by thinangel1902
Submitted by thinangel1902


Submitted by angel by day and devil by night E-mail: Why did you leave? you brought a smile to my face everytime we saw each other. Now you are in Queensland faraway from me. I wish that you would back to your old job down here in victoria.Everbody at school, especially the people that you helped are missing you heaps. Why can't you come back. I would do anyhting for you to come back that way everybody would be happy. Since you have been gone I can't get back to normal, I have no one to turn to because they are all gone You were the last person I could turn to and now you are gone. When you told me you were leaving, which was when I saw you in the library i felt like crying. The day that you left I jusr felt like running up to you and giving you a really big hug and saying good-bye. I never got the chance to say good-bye to you I wish I could relive that day again so I can get the chance to say good-bye and say all the things that I wanted to say to you before you left.
Submitted by Angel by day and Devil by night E-mail: No one listens to me No one cares about me I am all alone cause I have no one to talk to I have no friends because I can not trust themThis is why I have no one to talk to If only there were some on out there that I can trust Why doesn't anybody listen to me Is it because they don't care about me well if it is they are all a bunch of arse hole If people want me to listen to them well they should listen to me. If they don't listen to me why the hell should I listen to them. I hate everybody because they say htey lisen to me and they say they can keep a secret but tey are a bunch of liars. If you read this poem and you don't think it makes sense well gues what I do not care.
Submitted by angel by day and devel by night E-mail: I have no one to turn to Everybody has left me My counsellor was a sweet lady but she is gone My old sport teacher has left gone far awayI can't count on my friends that is because I can not trust them Why is this happening to me I can't take it anymore I need someone that i can trust I don't want to talkk to anyone that I can not trust I fell like I am all alone with nobody around me I bottle things up inside because I have no one to talk to When I overload with bottled up inside me I explode and that is nasty why is there not someone that I can talk to I want someone that I can trust like a good friend would do I hate this world I hate everybody Nobody listens to me Nobody cares about me That is why nobody wants to talk to me Why am I the one that always gets singled out from everybody else
Submitted by thinangel1990 E-mail: Before i start i would like to dedicate this poems to one of my old sport Vanessa Murfet. I miss you Vanessa. When you first came to the school i didn't know who you were. When i first met you in my class i was really shy, eventually i got to know who you were.We would have all the great talks we would laugh and cry together now that you are gone, we can't have those talks anymore we can't laugh together or even cry together. As i lay down in bed, i close my eyes and all i see is you in my head there is not a day that goes by that i do not think about you I wish that i could see your face again even if it was only for a second i wish that there was a way that you could come and visit or even if came and visit you i miss you, i want you to came back and never leave.
Submitted by angel1990 E-mail: Why do people think suicidle? Why do I think suicidle? Why is suicide so nasty? Why do people kill themsleves to suicide?Why do people help other people with suicide? Who ever invented suicide? Why are there so many things to help people with suicide? Why can't suicide stop? It sends people flipping mental it sends me flipping mental just seeing people especially my friends trying to committ suicide.

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