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I Have nothing more to say to  you  yet I feel that I need to write to you, mostly to satisfy these thoughts of you wondering aimlessly in my mind

Why does love have to be so hurtful when all you want and all I fight for is happiness

Why does pain fill my lungs when I breath in  air, does it not keep me alive or perhaps maybe just maybe I don’t want to live, to live in agony, turmoil, despair, heart ache, pain and continuous conflict

Is wanting so wrong, Is needs not right, Is partnership not for me, not for you

Why do I feel so strong about what I want, what I need.

If our roads now split and our time together ends, It’s not because I don’t love you, and I am sure you love me too,

But it would be to merely save grace and hold on to our sanity. It’s hard to express what you do to my soul and yet you have been there for me, when need called, have I not thanked you, well perhaps not enough, Thank you then for your love , for your wealth, for your touch.

Its sad that I do nothing for your soul, and that for me it is the hardest thing to except, when others excite you the way that I would have hoped to.

How crazy is these wants??? Perhaps I want too much.

For you I wish a world of happiness and life of pleasent suprise
and all that I know is that you will be fine and that all will be alright
this for me has been so hard and the pain even harder to endure,
But know that I need to let go, for there is hope beyond this closed door

I love you dearly, forever and always... keep smiling... keep giving and keep being the special person you are

#love, #letter

I am so tired, so very emotionally drained

over things we fight about, things that are never explained

I tried to do what was right, to work on what we share

But you just seem, to think that I, wasn't really there

For all the hurt, for all this pain, for me there is no way

I've done more than I can, I've lived this life, I can't focus on this day

I have loved hard, and Hurt deep, and played this time and again

I stuck to rules, I've always been true, its driving me insane

what do you want from me? a sorry will that do?

will it eliminate the hurt in side, the hate I feel for you?

I don't expect you to know who I am if I, don't have a clue

I have changed my life to suit your needs and now it just won't do

I know I love you, I am sure of this, It's something that won't let go

I hate this feeling, I hate this fact, I hate that I love you so


#love, #hate

Hurt is like the icy pinicles that piece within ones soul

tears that flow from beyond the heart that races out of control

bleeding memories of promises made and broken over time

more then often,  always often we fail to see the signs



I had never imagined how cold it would be, with you not by my side
All my thoughts, all my feeling, in you I could confide

Its hard to let go of all that I know and all that I built with you
When winter comes it comes for good in a world that feels so new

How did we slip, how did I fall, how did I let us fail
I look in the mirror and all I see is a face so awfully pale

I loved too hard I loved too deep, I often couldn’t see
that in my love I hurt you bad, I pleasured only me

Selfish I was to make you feel as if I was always right
To come to terms when I was wrong, I always put up a fight

And now I am sorry, but yet it’s all to late for you have left it all behind
I traced the world I searched the earth, but its you I couldn’t find

If I could have just one more chance to prove that we are meant to be
I would let you know that I am all you need, and our love is the only key

A lesson well learnt I swear I have changed, if this you only knew
A winters day will surely end in a world that is meant for two



Hy guysIts been a while, life kind of swallows you whole when you dont take it by the horns... It seems that i have been a bit too occupied to express and write poems recently, but i am back, i might be a little rusty, but i ll give it my all... Thank you for all the great comments, and the not so great ones, it honestly only makes me stronger. Take care and god bless.. lots of love... Fa
There are so many times that I am light on fireWhen you walk right by I burn with desire There is so many things that I wish that I could doWhen this passion inside me becomes a wanting for youIf I could taste your lips, right here right now There are so many things, but I am wondering how?To get you close would be my GameTo unleash this beast for you to tame To lock your thoughts on to mineLike a missing truth lost in timeYou this great mission, I want to gainAnd in a split of a second you are mine to remainIrresistible perfection, so simply enticing And in every way its you I will be delighting
Today is a new begging today the trials may end Today I have found a partner, in you I have found a friend The world is forever changing and our values are often lostBut my kisses are forever and my love comes at no cost We have come so far and we have fought a thousand of wars A history with a meaning a history sealed beyond doors In this lifetime there is truth and there is loyalty and trust For you I have it all and this love comes with all my lustSeeking destiny is never easy, when she decides to hide away But then she has her reasons, for love to always stay There isn’t any other that I would wish to be by my sideYou are the day and night of me and these feelings I just can’t hide Now we walk with acceptance, and belief in what we share So together we will build a future with love and warmth and care
Where is this perfect picture of something I never knewThe joys of enchantment when dreams do come trueFairy tails and imageries far beyond beliefLike a lockness monster or a three-legged thiefIn times of despair, when sadness is the themeWhen you in a world of your own and you plan on a dreamWhen love is never found and loneliness is the keyWhen passion is the only thing that would set you freeYour minds in a tumble, and it’s more than beforeWhen you striped of your pride and you locked behind doorIt’s hard to imagine that life could be so badWhen you think about the greatest love, a love you never hadFeelings of confusion, moments never newWhen misery is the feeling, of the things you can doBelief is the only thing that keeps you on the lineWhen happiness is the only thing you really want to findForget about the moment forget about this timeForget about this silly poem, it’s nothing but a rhyme
Written by Farah
Submitted by Farah


There are so many times that I am light on fireWhen you walk right by I burn with desireThere is so many things that I wish that I could doWhen this passion inside me becomes a wanting for youIf I could taste your lips, right here right nowThere are so many things, but I am wondering how?To get you close would be my gameTo unleash this beast for you to tameTo lock your thoughts on to mineLike a missing truth lost in timeYou this great mission, I want to gainAnd in a split of a second you are mine to remainIrresistible perfection, so simply enticingAnd in every way it’s you I will be delighting
Written by Farah
Submitted by Farah


Strange how different things used to beWhen we met, we seemed so care freeStrange how things change so drasticallyAnd in a split of a second you are so mean to meYesterday you loved me, vowed forever to be trueToday you are a monster is this really youI am not this tramp, these words on your mindI thought that in you true love I would findA simple discussion you turn in to flamesCalling me a where those traitorous namesWho are you, and how could you hurt me soThere are so many questions I want to knowNever have I cried so many tears in my lifeMy anger has consumed me, its sharp like a knifeYou have deprived me of my happiness; you have replaced it with painYou have taken away my virtues and made me insaneI'm so powerless when I am near you, it’s a murderous factIts a bitter reality, not a morale’s actIf death does not plaque me, I will be ruined in this timeTaken by a shallow man, that is mineI can't turn back these watches; I can’t say how much I regretThe very day that I saw you, the day that we had metHow do I continue in this nightmare, the strain?Unhappiness is my choice, a choice I can’t explain
Written by Farah
Submitted by Farah

#strange, #different, #things

You were the one for me when I was youngYou were the air I breath My only sonYou were the stars that lite my lonely skyYou were the only one that could make me shyNow I have grown and I am wiser then beforeAnd I have realized that you are nothing but a noted floorA Tease, A player, a wanted dreamA figure of my imagenation, My sexual steamA lie, a betrayal, a mistake of my ownThank God I have become wiser, Thank God I have grownAnd when you left, I thought I would dieHow silly I was to have even criedMy world belonged to you and you aloneYou were the only one that I had KnownSo now you are back and Believe you Are the manHow sad you are, To believe that you canWalk in to my life and plaque me with your songSo sorry my boy, you dont belongTake a break and smell the airWe were young, you were cruel, and life is never fairSo take that walk and talk your talkYou do your thing your prying Hawk
Written by Farah
Submitted by Farah


His eyes are like the Bright blessed sunWhispering words of the days to comeHis lips are like the soft morning dueSucculent heaven of dreams to come trueUnbearably delightful, extremely DevineA love like his is just too fineBody well chiselled beautifully defineda sculpture of his is hard to findHe is my inspiration, my one true desireTaking in his love, takes me higherMy every breath, I breathe him in Where has he come from, where has he beenThis angel of Beauty, this marvellous prizeI'm in his arms of Glorious sizeHe makes me humble when he is nearnot a soul nor evil shall I fearHe is mine, my soul mate my HeartAnd I pray to the heavens that we may never depart
Submitted by Farah


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