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Since I was young things have been going wrongI’ve tried to believe and stay strongWhy is it the ones I love always have to dieIt’s as each day my tears jus multiplyForget the bad remember the goodThat’s what they told me but I don’t know how I couldSince that awful incident, no more will I sayThough I still couldn’t forget it to this dayHow could somebody close do such a thingI almost felt life was no longer worth livingI used to wonder why me, haven’t I been through enoughBut then I realized, life doesn’t get easy it only gets toughNowadays god doesn’t even answer to my prayersIt’s hard to know who really caresSo many people have been unfaithful it’s hard to know who to trustThey never come threw and do what they promisedSometimes I wish no one would have gave life to meThings have been so hard, I often find myself so lonelyThough I’ve been getting better at wiping my tears and moving onLetting my worries drift away and be goneI’m jus going to see what else god has in store for meFor whatever it is I’ll have faith and not worryEven though more times then none it feels as if everything is hopelessThough I will not let pain be my weakness, I’ll stand fearlessYet at times from my eyes tears may shedThough I’ll always say what I gotta say no words will be unsaidFor a friend...thanks for inspiring me...your life is very intresting
Written by diamante_hielo
Submitted by diamante_hielo