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Stories weaved and spunPut together like sweet dreamsAnd told in such loud voicesSo they drown out my screamsHurting high above the restBut hiding deep within my smileYou want to know what's wrong?Well that could take a while.The empathetic enemyThat I see in the mirrorShe tries to fix the worldWhile shedding silent tearsHer optimistic wordsMixed with pessimistic fears,Build as she soaks in all the liesAnd tries to dry her tearsShe told me that she's brokenThat she doesn't want to lieBut she can't ever bare to seeWhen her friends start to cryThe reflection spoke so loudlyThough silence filled the roomThen she began to smileIt's her mask, and her tombTomb of lies and contentShe looked as happy as could beBut she looked in my eyes and said"Don't you lie to me"
Written by Jess
Submitted by Jess