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I'm glad we can both move past thisWith little trouble at allThis makes it so much betterFor neither of us to fallI see that you've moved onAnd that's very good to seeI'd hate for you to live your lifeAlways missing meYes, anger's so much betterMaybe I should tryEven thouhg I know your hateIs edging on a lieSo just to make this easyI'll avoid you if I canWe'll never fight againIf we stick to that plan.Again, I'm sorry that I didWhat I knew I had to doBut I knew you began to seeThere's no hope for me and youWe were just too differentIn so very many waysAnd when we started fighting,I began counting days.Same thing over and overI've saved us, now it's goneWake up with no regretsThe new beginning starts at dawn.
Written by Jess
Submitted by Jess