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You left me here, on my ownPromised me Id never be aloneTold me to smile and never shed a tear,How could I smile wen you aren't nearThought of you replay in my headThink about all tha things you saidI feel lik dying too,Leaving the world behind for youHow could you leave, you were all I hadLeft me frustrated and so sadYou should have told me tha reason for your stressI would have shared it made it feel a little lessWhat could compel oyu do do such a thing ?Just thinking about it makes me start cryingThe pain of losing you is unbearable in my heartEven tha thought of us being so far apartI couldnt go a second without youHow am I supposed to go a whole life throu
Submitted by diamante_hielo


  • that was the best poem I hav read in along time...that was better then one of mine
    • Hi, my name is Sandra Hawk and I from athens Ohio and I know what you are going thoughr my boy-friend promise me the same thing. He told me he was thier un'till the end and to death puts us a part he told me he love me but his words were fake and I didin't even see it but the thing is I still love why? I fon't know but what I do is that I want to find true love next time, All I want is someone to love and notice me for me. look you young and pretty live life while you can!
      • im from Adelaide South Australia, im 17 yrs old and I know what u mean. my boyfriend whom I was with for 4 years promised all that too. but he died in a car accident 9 months ago.
        • I feel u on ur poem it almost made me cry cuz it brought memories when one of my ex promised me he would neva leave me and this and that but not we arent together but yet I still love him and for some reason I cant stop lovin him