Feed Item

I appreciate the efforts youadd in your beauty

that others don’t always see.

I take notice.

The way you put on differentshades of foundation.

The eyeliner and mascara youuse that compliments your natural eyes.

That heavenly scent of perfumeyou splash on your body

before you start your day.

I take notice in every way.

Those shoes that you wear

and how you brush your hairto go with every pair.

The bracelets, rings, andyour favorite jeans…

Maybe I observe too closely…

Maybe I wonder why you gothrough so much

when your natural beauty ismuch more captivating

than anything I could eversee in a magazine or TV.

How I look at my closetthat’s nowhere compared to yours.

Shelves with bottles oflotion, perfumes, jewelry,

and so many other items thatsociety calls “beauty”

but between you and I…

your natural self is whatreally captured me…

Don’t always cover your naturalbeauty…Let it be….

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