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When you see do not use melee to kill waterfiends, but the scope and powers to summon to kill them faster. Use wolpertinger atmospheric pressure, because it gives Master quality, scroll to more crimes Master Master HD and hit -23 level(Runescape Money). Familars crack down on monsters, not players in addition to the steel giant. Use the scope, if one person close to war, they will be more attractive way, and then did. Will not give up until the full details immediately summoned to complete comeplete. Can do a video to explain more once completed. But you can give me some hits on how to do this.

1) wear the best armor Master HD
2) Once you've called into the attack immediately familar (im a call experts can call before the fight hit)
3) It takes 10 minutes to nonagressive.
4) to a super-recovery
5) Food Pineapple
6) additional attacks familar 2-3 bags
7) the magic sword, its better then Bunyip or unicorn, and release your attack familar space

If we see Runescape's statistics:
70 Attack
77 STR
70 HD
70 prayer
99 hp
99 Master
99 range
98 call
CB 100 +12 will be

Why is this here:
1) The cave has a range of areas, but it does not need anything else ever attackiing it, familars is a good monster killer.
2) get about 60-80 CRIMSONS 1 hour (not including other charm). If you have a melee statistics in this way u can kill faster.
The secret here: the complete guide, but it will come out when the 99 level(Runescape powerleveling) call, really do not want people to know how training calls laugh. Want to be a very low 99 calls fighting. With waterfiends level, so the player with the lowest possible charm waterfiends.

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