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Ready to be hand in hand

So I can tell the world

You’re my man.

Ready to give you a kiss and

When I’m not around

You’ll daydream and reminisce

Ready to hold you and

When I speak, you’ll know

My emotions are true.

Ready to give you my heart

Knowing my love lives inside you

Weather near or apart.

Ready to be your future,

Ready to be your wife,

Ready to spend with you, my life.

Ready to be your joy,

Ready to be your pride,

Ready to give you hope, when

Obstacles come as a surprise.

Ready to know your secrets,

Ready to learn your fears,

Ready to wipe your face form

All your tears.

Ready to see you smile,

Ready to hold you down,

Ready to say three words

            “I LOVE YOU.”

Never to leave a frown!


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