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Obviously you are planning a proposal, so Good Luck! Or maybe you have already proposed and now require the perfect engagement ring for the occasion. In this case Congratulations! Now you are probably very well aware that deciding where to make your purchase is just as important as the decision of which ringĀ  to choose. Well this short Where to Buy Engagement Rings Guide should assist you in your decision process of where to buy through some easy to follow points.

When you truly love your partner there is no better way to express this to them and the world than by asking for their hand in marriage. Your chosen engagement ring should represent this everlasting bond between you both. And this is why you should try to choose an engagement ring that will last for the rest of your lives. This success of your engagement ring depends heavily on where you decide to buy. If you purchase from a bad supplier you may not only pay too much for your ring but you may also suffer from poor craftsmanship, quality and durability.

Obviously you have little to no experience in buying engagement rings as this should really be a once in a lifetime purchase. So it can be very difficult to determine where you should buy. The best two pieces of advice are:

1. Never buy from anywhere without a reasonable return and warranty policy.
2. You should try and find some feedback from other customers who have used your chosen store before you decide to buy. This may highlight some great or poor points in their customer service and the quality of the engagement rings they are selling.

In answering the question of where to buy engagement rings from? There are really two significant options:

1. Brick and Mortar Real World Retailers
2. Online Suppliers through the Internet

Both choices have advantages and disadvantages but if you shop smartly you should be able to use both to your advantage. If you would like to see a great list of trusted and quality online suppliers visit this link: www.EngagementRingsWeddingBands.com/where-to-buy

Now you are already using the internet to gain information on this purchase and this is highly recommended. Continue using the internet to do your research. The most important points to familiarize yourself on are the:

1. Traditional and Alternative Ring Designs and Styles
2. Engagement Ring Metal Choices
3. Diamond Specifications - Namely the 4c's

By educating yourself on these issues you will discover what specific engagement ring you are interested in. This knowledge will then define where you will buy from as you may need a specialty supplier otherwise an everyday jewelry may suit your needs.

Once you feel that you know a fair amount about these specifications you should go and actually view and feel some engagement rings to get a grasp of what you have just learnt. It's great to actually see the difference between platinum and white gold once you have spent some time learning about them. Also try and view some diamonds using a loupe to see the difference in clarity levels. Where you go will depend on how far you have to travel to your nearest engagement ring jeweler.

After then completing both theory and practical research on engagement rings you should be very familiar with ring sizes, designs, ring metals and diamonds. This knowledge will then determine where you should purchase as at this point you should know what you require. Also a salesman will not be able to trick you into a bad purchase as you will better understand engagement ring materials and terminology. Better yet you will be able to order from a catalog or via the internet with greater confidence. And by using these methods you will be allowed to select a ring to your specifications with more confidence.

The internet provides access to a limitless supply of rings through thousands of stores. Many provide international delivery and service and by cutting out the middle man they can sell at wholesale prices. Of course you must make sure that you buy from a trusted supplier but there are plenty to choose from and every trusted website should provide a no questions asked money back guarantee for change of mind purchases. And of course remember to research every online and offline supplier before handing over your credit card details.

If you do feel more comfortable with buying from a real world store then you will benefit from a face to face sale and a physical location to return to if you run into any problems. However by choosing to buy your engagement ring online you will benefit from the freedom to browse through any stores range without any annoying salesman bugging you. Also you will experience prices that are normally below real world shop costs and sometimes half price or less.

On a final note where you choose to buy from will totally be up to your personal preference. However as long as you follow the principals in this article you will ensure that you choose an engagement ring that will be of the finest quality and one that will last as long as your marriage is supposed to - which is forever!