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I will set up a honey trap for you

You shall be my bear

It will cripple you and damage you

My sweet controlling snare

I would lock you in a garage

Bound with razor wire

And with a knife so clean and sharp

I'd play you like a lyre

I'd reach my hand into your chest

And hold your heart so tight

I'd even hang you off the eaves

And leave you there all night

And from the deepness of your chest

Flows intoxicating wine

And you shall never get away

You had no choice, that's fine

I couldn't stop, I need you here

You're slowly going cold

But that's ok, together we'll stay

You never shall grow old

I doubt another could show the same

Devotion and affection

I'd clean away the mess so well

We'd always avoid detection

#devotion, #love, #bear, #honey, #bee