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Musket is good item(Runescape Money) in Runescape which we we know about Feeble Musket requires from 20 Range, Strong Wooden Musket requires from 40 range, Rune Musket requires from 60 range, Strong Rune Musket requires from 80 range and Dragon Musket requires from 99 range.

If you are got low level(Runescape powerleveling) Musket which is slow, and hits up to 67 but is extremely weak against melee armor, to the point where it virtually will never hit above 20. And it would use it's own unique ammunition, bullet balls, which are made with a bullet ball mold. That obtained for 900k from the Dwarven base near Barbarian village from the guy who sells cannon parts.

So you could create it with 99 smithing and 99 fletching by creating a reinforced steel gun barrel (gives 600 exp, reinforced steel needs 1 steel bar which is re-smelted with another 20 coal when you dont have Dragon Musket in Runescape.

You need 85 smithing to make reinforced steel) and fletching a gun trigger out of "dark" magic logs, which are obtained at a 1 - 1337 chance when cutting magic laws with a dragon axe if your woodcutting level is above 95. Then you can put the two pieces together to make a musket. The musket has an extreme range, able to hit someone as long as you can see them.

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