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We always keep eye on what stat requirements for weapons(2moons dil) at your level and ones above. Such as you are remember what stats you need then it is not important for your character. All hunter weapons require dexterity so that stat will be fine with this build, as for strength, just make sure your high enough.

It wont matter what stat you throw off for the needed strength. You can take a point off dexterity and add to strength or take one off health, up to you. We would say crossbow is best for PvP when it comes to hitting with skills in 2Moons.

We always have a bow in main hand and a crossbow is second hand and use tab key to switch back and forth if your about to win or you need the knockback to let a skill finish its cooldown switch to your bow. You will love our 2moons powerleveling service once you have used.

so it is best to use both a bow and a xbow and switch betwwen them depending on the situation. And are the skills for the only crossbow any good since it didnt look like you mention them at all. It is best to stick with the bow only skills instead of xbow.