Feed Item

its three A.M. and im thinking of you
looking back on all that we used to do
its been way to long since ive seen you
my thoughts are always with you its true
but now especially as i sit in this basement watching random movies
i remember how we would sit and watch randomnosities
on the couch cuddled up, or i think of how every night
i wish i could feel you on my right
holding you is a constant wish
and without you i feel like a landlocked fish
why cant you be here i wonder
and then as my thoughts wander
i realize that it is not because of you or me
its because of this ridiculous animosity
towards a number, an age, towards something that matters not in the end
if it were up to me, right this minute id call you my girlfriend
whether i have to sleep in a tent tonight
doesnt matter, i just wanna make things right
and the ONLY thing thats ever felt right
was your hand in mine, a kiss upon the lips, and a promise of forever
with you, so let it never
be said that i had no defiance when i ask you this
will you be mine? if so seal it with a kiss.......