Feed Item

Forgive me for everything I said,
For saying the first thing that came into my head.

Upon being so hard I hurt you,
another thing that I promised not to do.

I don't know what to think anymore,
But it has always been you I adore.

I acted out of being selfish,
and didnt think about what you wish.

Hate me, forever, I hope you will,
For the words I has aid, were meant to kill.

For now I'll stay out of your life,
unless you want it otherwise...


  • this one gets me too. its amazing, really it is. i love it. it makes me think of drew-- always wanting to be self sacrificing, always willing to give up his feelings to save someone else. i love and hate that about him. hes such a great person-- that when i see him doing this it tears me up, and makes me swell with joy because i know he loves these people hes trying to save [cough me.] I just wish sometimes he'd see that the pain he causes me is because hes trying not to cause me pain. i wish he'd see that the worst pain would be having him walk away. </3 I totally understand this one. its really really really great =] I love it.
      • i love this...just like i love you, my phoenix. ill promise to be always true, to spend eternity,always with you.