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I stand here,
in the Red Square,
of the great,
country Russia.

looking around,
taking in all,
the sounds,
that seem to crush ya.

A shot was fired,
another after,
I didn't know what to do.

the American,
that was near,
knew how,
to follow through.

He fires at a terrorist,
who has his own,
big gun,

The Terrorist,
was part of a team,
meant to ruin all the fun.

the AMerican so brave,
and strong,
with a pistol,
carried on.

He killed two,
and pulled me through,
The chaos in the square.

We crouched down,
behind a wall,
there was a third somewhere.

He span out,
from behind the wall,
and killed the thid,
with a grenade

Lord thank you for,
The American,
Who saved my life that day.

#moscow, #russia