Feed Item

Tonight I lay on my bed,
replaying what my parents said.

From my Dad-
"Damn, just your face makes me sad,
why couldnt you play sports,
rather than writ epeotry of sorts,
so, its hard to be proud,
when your existance runs me into the ground."

From my mom-
"your the reason I cant be calm,
your a cheerleader,
does that make you a dick-eater?
why couldnt I have had a son,
that strived to be the toughest one?"

To them both.
"Just because I am a poet,
doesnt mean, I cannot show it,
call me gay,
Ill be okay,
and I am tough,
my words are enough,
Im sorry I cant make you proud,
but Ill try until I'm in the ground.


  • thats really good I dont show my family my poems .. I dont show my friends either its between me n some total strangers I dont mind if they c them altho alot of ppl on here have now become my friends this is a great poem Dylan :) well done xx
    • Dylan bro I am very proud of your work i know you for not to long. and i know we all go through sh*t someties.. so I am proud and i thankyou for leting me b your amigo..
      • ..... your better than them. Your better because despite how shit happens you do still try to please them.your better because you still feel and love to full capacity.your better than they deserve..... When you walk away,they'll finally realize how MUCH better you are