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i seen you the other dai
walkin hand n hand with her
i couldnt help but face awai
cuz deep down it still hurts.
i kno that its over
and wat we had is thru
but i cant stand the sight of you with some one new.
they say that time will dry the tears
but like christina millian says tru love burns for a thousand years
and it hurts so bad cuz my heart screams your name
and with every beat it aches an yells with pain.
i cant believe your in love again
and it kills me to see
that we can never be more then friends
and that our love is nothin more but past memories


  • I like that part about true love burning for 1000 years (I still want to believe that). Love does hurt when it has nowhere to go....sorry you're experiancing that feeling. I know it hurts much.