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he see's me beutiful in my most ugly days..
he tells me im perfect in almost every way.
18 years old and he seems me as 5
and wen he looks at his grandchild he cry's.
he knows i grown up to be a parent of my own
but i'll always be that little girl he known.
i dont get to say it to him alot but im proud he's my dad
he's the best friend a girl can ever have.
the thought of him getting old brings tears in my eyes...
cuz he's my dad and i want him with him all my life,
im proud to say im his princess his baby girl..
n its me my son and him against the world


  • This is a wonderful poem and brought tears to my eyes, I just lost my father on the 16th of March and im still reeling from the pain but your poem put so much joy in my heart as it brougth back so many wonderful memories I have of my own father rather than the paramedics working on him, thank you for having written this you are a true blessing in this time of my grieving...
    • im glad i helped yuh in yuhr time of grievig... im happy i touched yuh.. im srry for yuhr loss but jus see it as yuhr always his lil girl and yuh'll see him again