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I was to blind to see the truth 8-22-08

Trying to leave the past behind
trying to stop my racing mind
i was desperate to hear your voice
you were always there to catch me
when i fell
you are all im thinking of
can i ever find a way
to see what you feel for me?
and i cant hold back these tears
just knowing you're still here..
i was afraid to believe ever again
but i didnt wanna be just a
temperary thing to anyone ever again
its sad i was to blind to
recognize the truth when it came to
me to think you never really cared
enough to love me
i lost my faith....i had no clue
i didnt see....i couldnt think
but you never left me stranded alone
it wasnt that i didnt know the truth
i was just to blind to see the truth
that you really loved me all along
i was to afraid to get hurt again
but you were so good to me
i was so confued what to think
you were so unmoved
when i was so blind to see
you were the one who came and stayed close when you
were the hand that wouldnt let me go
i wanted to know just how you felt
i didnt want to loose you
and you couldnt seem to let it out
i was such a fool
but you were staying true