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For the BABY MOMMAS of the world, ALL IS NOT LOSTFor 7 years we have been off and onWe have been happy at times but those days are gone ... ...I have loved you with all my heartBut you do nothing but drive us further apartI told you I didn't wanna shack up anymoreAnd since that day, you've been eyeing the doorFor 7 years I thought we would have grownNow I realize you want to be on your ownBut you have no car and must use minesYou have no job-only spare timeYou have no house so with me I let you stay"Let's Just Be Friends" is all you have to sayHow in the HELL could you say that to meThe only one who loved you and tried to help you beOk, its cool, I can be your friendJust remember all the goodies go in the jar againO, now you wanna trip cuz I say no sex?!Too damn bad, you aint felt the worst yet!No more cooking for you, do that s**t yourselfNo more cleaning after you, its bad for my healthNo more driving my car, Im sure you can get your ownYou can sleep on the couch, this is not your homeHow could you hurt me and expect it to be ok"Let's Just Be Friends" started a new dayBet you didn't think I could just let goGuess you found out the one thing you didnt knowI have to be strong for all the real women out thereAnd put my foot down, but I do still careBut you must realize we have needs tooThis "Lets Just Be Friends" s**t came from you!Modified by nishasweetie20