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How could you do this to me?How?I never thought that day would comeI never thought those words would of came out of your mouthIt's overAnd yet, I don't seem to understandYou don't know how much you've hurt meEight months down the drainI feel like there's nothing left to live for now that you're goneHow can you not love me anymore?I gave you my heartI gave you all the love I hadAll the love I gotAnd you throw it back in my faceWhat more do you want?All I have left is a dead broken heartAnd all the love I still have for youI sometimes sit outside and wait for youHoping and wishing you'll come back to meBut I'm guessing you'll never come backI feel so alone without youI hate reality since you're not here with meWhy is it always me that's left heartbroken?That's left behindWhat did I do to deserve this?The day you left felt like a dreamI just felt like running awayYou killed meYou killed the happy girl I once wasI'm so broken and hurtI just cannot live without you.

Written by Christinaa
Submitted by Christinaa