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It's been a week nowSince you took your love awayI'm so hurt and brokenI miss you so muchWithout you everything falls apart*You really broke my heart is piecesYou tore it apartMy heart's crying out in painIt's crying out your namescreaming "come back"I miss feeling your heartbeat against my chestI feel weak without youYou looked me right in the eyeand told me you loved meThe next day, you looked me right in the eyeand you told me that you no longer loved methat you no longer wanted to be with meI couldn't believe my earsIt was then when my heart diedThat my heart broke in piecesIt broke right in front youand you didnt even help me pick up the piecesYou just stared at me as I criedYou really broke my heartHow can you love someone and the next dayyou tell them you dont want to be with them anymore ?The thought of us not kissinghuggingcuddlingholding handsmaking loveand ever being togetheris what I hate mostAnd it just makes me cry thinking that I'll never be with you againI don't understandHow can you tell me that I wasthe best girlfriend you've ever hadand that you've spent 8 incredible months with meand break up ?I do not understandYou really meant everything to meAnd now all I have leftare memories of you & meI can not live without you*I love you.

Written by Christinaa
Submitted by Christinaa