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Contemplating on something I need to decideShould I show the real meOr continue to hide?Should I open up and let people seeThat I’m thinking of all of those nights I would lay and cryWhile my life lacked its gleeThat I’m remembering all of my feelings I would try to denyWhen I didn’t know who to be.That I’m concentrating on the times I would ask whyAnd all of the times I questioned if I was freeThat I’m wondering if it mattered that I would tryOr if “try” is just a word of debrisAnd now I’m questioning so many things while I look to the skyI see the moon and howl in a sort of guaranteeThat I won’t say fair well or goodbyeAnd this is something I do decreeBut the moon just glows down on me and listens, that is its replyPerhaps because it knows the real me.

Written by Drek
Submitted by Drek