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I went to a magical place today,Where the trees can talk, I was sitting under an oak treeThe root were formed, making a cradleSo I just lay down on this natural bed.Suddenly the oak tree said to me"You must be a dreamer, well close your eyes and dream,‘Cause I got a dream for you"I closed my eyes, "smell that sweet scent"An Angel face, she came from heaven,I met her through the clouds that morning,Her smile left my heart singing,We lay down on her favorite cloud,The sun shines through her white light gown,Shaping her every body curves.I can almost feel her in my mind.She knew my desire, she caress her breast gently,Slowly she starts stimulating the rest of her body,Giving me the sense of every detail and every emotion,She close her eyes and I felt her thought, I just stood still,Very intimate with myself, her breath become heavier, slower,Surrendering to her deep self desire,She pulled up her gown up from her legsTo give me a glance at her most intimate part,She caress her flower, she opens her eyes looking at me,Giving me permission to approach, slowly, lightly,I was close to her, to smell her, just barely touching her skin,I just lay down my hand on her shoulder, looked in her eyes,I saw the definition of beauty. Her lips were tender and wet,I was thirsty to savor her taste, my lips touched hers, after being so close,You want to know more, to taste more, to get drunk with her nectar.Our tongs danced the dance of love on the rhythm of passion,The desire arouse like burning fire, I want to sleep in her,The moment of being one
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