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I don't know where I amBut sure know where I wasEvery day is the sameLiving without youI don't know how much I criedI know what's wrong but I don't know what's rightGod knows how much I triedI know I'll be a looser in this fightI'll try to close my eyesTo find my wayPlease don't tell me liesTo believe in you one more dayOh I'm not making plansNo more broken heartsI hope you'll understandWe’re better off apartWhen I'll see you againI'm not going to fall these stairsI hope it won't be the sameStaring at the passing daysRemember the first day we've metWith the moonlight you smiled and you saidWe will never be apart till the day we're deadYou kissed me, on my shoulder you leaned your head.
Written by 825143
Submitted by 825143

#never, #apart