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Where is this perfect picture of something I never knewThe joys of enchantment when dreams do come trueFairy tails and imageries far beyond beliefLike a lockness monster or a three-legged thiefIn times of despair, when sadness is the themeWhen you in a world of your own and you plan on a dreamWhen love is never found and loneliness is the keyWhen passion is the only thing that would set you freeYour minds in a tumble, and it’s more than beforeWhen you striped of your pride and you locked behind doorIt’s hard to imagine that life could be so badWhen you think about the greatest love, a love you never hadFeelings of confusion, moments never newWhen misery is the feeling, of the things you can doBelief is the only thing that keeps you on the lineWhen happiness is the only thing you really want to findForget about the moment forget about this timeForget about this silly poem, it’s nothing but a rhyme
Written by Farah
Submitted by Farah